XD8437 ” Our Navy in the World War ” 1927 Compilation of US Navy Exploits in WWI

Kodak, 1927, english intertitles, “Kodak Cinegraph”, “Official films of the US Navy taken under action and service conditions”, “‘Freedom of the Seas’ denied to American vessels forced us into the conflict”, “The following scenes, a U-boat’s own record are from a captured film”

WW1 naval footage

“Our Navy in the World War is an educational film produced by United States Navy. The film uses archival footage interspersed with intertitles to explain the U.S. Navy’s accomplishments and involvement in World War I. There is footage taken from a U-boat of water-based explosions. Subsequent intertitles explain the United States’ entry into the war. Footage of a great number of people being transported on a naval ship followed by footage of two African-American men tap-dancing for a largely Caucasian crowd on the ship’s deck. This shot is followed by more footage of explosions. The film ends with an image of the Official Navy Seal and Coat of Arms”

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