High quality stock footage is just a search away!

Search our deep database of thousands of historical films, spanning over 80 years of world history
Scanned from film in HD, 2K and 4K .

Periscope Film transfers 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, Super 16mm or 35mm motion picture films into high end digital files ranging in quality from HD to 2k and 4k. We feature the LaserGraphics ScanStation telecine platform, one of the leading archival scanners in the industry today.

About Us

Thanks for your interest in the Periscope Film stock footage library.  We maintain one of the largest collections of historic military, aviation and transportation in the USA. We provide free research and can provide viewing copies if you can let us know some of the specific types of material you are looking for. Almost all of our materials are available in high quality 24p HD ProRes and 2k/4k resolution.

Our material has been licensed for use by:

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  • We provide licenses for worldwide broadcast rights, film festival and theatrical release, Internet and home video rights, advertising use and more. 
  • We use a secure on-line payment system for all transactions, and a secure digital platform to facilitate the signing of legal documents and contracts.
  • We deliver materials via FTP download.


  • Rates vary depending on your use and the term you need. To obtain a brochure and rate card, send us an email to contact@periscopefilm.com and we’ll respond promptly. Or use the chat system on the lower right.
  • We charge by the second or fraction thereof.
  • We are very competitively priced compared to standard industry rates.
Can I use Periscope Film’s materials for free?
  • No. All materials must be licensed for use.

How much do viewers cost to download?

  • Viewers for off-line, editing use are free. Just register, search and download from this website.
What is the resolution of the viewers and how do they compare to masters?

  • Our viewers are high quality, half-size HD video (960×540) in H264 format at true 23.98 fps, and will look good in your offline cut. Actual HD masters are 1920x1080p.
My editor wants to download films directly from Youtube, is that advisable?
  • You can certainly “grab” viewers from YouTube, but you will end up with a lower quality proxy. (The viewers on this site are less compressed.)

How do I order high resolution, clean visual materials? 

  • Simply contact us and we’ll send you an order form. Fill it out, return it to us, and we will send you a licensing contract and invoice. 

How long does it take to get clean footage?

  • We deliver materials within 24 hours of the point we receive payment in full and a signed contract (excluding weekends and holidays).  Expedited service is available for an added fee.

Can I use your materials for free? 

  • No. All material must be licensed for use.

What is the format of Periscope Film’s masters?

  • High Definition (1920×1080) in ProRes HQ23.976 fps.
  • Many films are also available in 2k or 4k at additional cost. (Also ProRes HQ23.976fps)
  • Some silent films in our collection were scanned at their original capture rate of 18fps.
  • In most cases, our films have been scanned at their original, true film Frame rate of 23.98fps. One frame of film for every frame of video.  These are not up-rez’d or pulled-down files with fake frames or interlacing. 

How long does it take to get clean footage?

  • We deliver materials within 24 hours after receiving payment in full and a signed contract (excluding weekends and holidays.) Expedited service is available for an extra fee.

It’s easy to search our database of thousands of films, spanning over 80 years of world history. For simple searches, type in a topic such as “Berlin”, “NASA” or “Roosevelt”. To find something specific, we recommend using quotation marks, e.g. “Howard Hughes”, “Eiffel Tower”, “The Great War” or “Prague Spring.”

Can’t find what you need?  Contact us, and let us know what you’re looking for, and our research staff will do a deep dive, and send you downloadable viewer links within 48 hours.


CHAT:Use the chat system at the lower right.

PHONE: (1) 800-709-6734 or (1) 323 515-7795

Please leave a clear message with your phone #  and best time to return your call.


E-MAIL: contact@periscopefilm.com
CHAT: Use the chat system at the lower right.
PHONE: (1) 800-709-6734 toll free or (323) 515-7795

Please leave a clear message with your phone # and best time to call you. 


Periscope Film LLC
PO Box 341474
Los Angeles, CA 90034

United States of America

Need high quality transfer of your Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm / Super 16mm or 35mm motion picture film to video, HD, 2K or 4K?  

Looking to digitize your Super 8mm sound home movies? Create a DCP or Blu-ray disc of your short or feature film? Our cutting edge LaserGraphics ScanStation is a terrific option! The ScanStation can make beautiful transfers at almost any frame rate.  

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