Stock Footage

High quality stock footage is just a search away!

Search our database of thousands of films, spanning over 50 years of world history. Standard search terms apply. To find something specific we recommend using quotation marks, e.g. “Howard Hughes”, “Eiffel Tower”, “The Great War” or “Prague Spring.”

Want know more about licensing costs and our process? Simply send us an email detailing your licensing needs and term, and we’ll respond with additional information and an order form. 

Didn’t find what you want? Some of our materials are “off line” or may not appear properly in search. Send us an email and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know if we have it!


While not required, we recommend that you register so that you can download high quality viewers from this site. The quality of these downloads is MUCH BETTER than compressed versions from YouTube or

To download high quality H264 viewers:  Just click the register button, fill out the form and submit it. You’ll then receive a confirmation e-mail. To complete your registration, click on the link provided.

Can viewers be brought into Avid or Final Cut or Premiere? And how do they compare to the delivered materials? Yes, our viewers are high quality, half size HD video (960×540) in H264 format at true 23.98 fps.  The delivery format for material is normally (1080×1920) HD ProRes, and 2k or 4k options are also available.

Do you have a “cart”? How do I share viewers with my team?  No we don’t have a cart, but every movie page has a “Share Video” button.   When you are registered and logged-in, that button gives you a direct link to download that viewer.  Click “Share Video”, and copy and paste the download link into e-mail, or a spreadsheet, or document.  Your collaborators can download those files without having to log in.

I don’t want to register,  I just want to watch a film or show someone else: No problem, you can do that without registering. To watch: use the search box, click on a result, and hit play. To share: use the “Share Video” button.  You can post directly or, if you want to simply forward the page, enter in the email address for the sender and receiver and we’ll do it for you. (Don’t forget to press “Send to a Friend”)



I’ve found what I want, how do I license it? Once you’ve identified the material you want to license send us an email and we’ll respond with a quote and ordering information.  Provide as much information as you can about the material you’d like to use, what rights you need (typically: Internet-only, broadcast, theatrical, museum display, etc.) and term of use (typically: 3 years or in perpetuity).

Do I have to license material in order to use it? Yes. In order to use anything from our collection, you’ll need to contact us and create a license for use.

HELP!  I have a question you didn’t answer here.   Didn’t find what you need?  Contact us via email or by using the chat system.