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Standard 8mm / Super 8mm
16mm / Super 16mm & 35mm


Need high quality transfer of your Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm / Super 16mm or 35mm motion picture film to video, HD, 2K or 4K?  Looking to digitize your Super 8mm sound home movies? Create a DCP or Blu-ray disc of your short or feature film? Our cutting edge LaserGraphics ScanStation is a terrific option! The ScanStation can make beautiful transfers at almost any frame rate.

Plus this sprocketless, flickerless machine with built-in stabilization software, can produce stunning results even from shrunken, color faded, or damaged film.

Want an overscan of your Super 8mm footage so you can get the detail under the sprocket?  We can do that.  Want to zoom in and reframe your 16mm or 35mm film so it’s widescreen, or crop out a hair on the left side of the frame?  We can do that.  Want to make a proxy viewing copy of your material while simultaneously producing a 24p ProRes HD or 2K/4K version?  We can do that, too.  Plus, with high end color correction on board, we can fix your Eastmancolor print’s red fade, and adjust for other exposure problems.  The ScanStation’s quality is widely recognized as best in the industry.

We have a full film table and can prep your material for transfer off cores or on reels, and we offer an alcohol based cleaning service for 16mm and 35mm films.


We’re located in Los Angeles near La Cienega and Venice in the 90034 zip code.



Our standard rate is $.30 per foot of film for HD transfer. Prep charges, 2k&4k scans, and cleaning costs are additional.

Contact us by email for a price quote and to make an appointment today.  Make sure to include information about your format, number of reels and footage total and any other information that you think is relevant.  We’ll get back to you promptly.

Unsure what format your film is?  See the examples above and below. For Super 8mm and Regular 8mm Film, be sure to examine the hubs of the reels as they are different for each format. 

Unsure how many feet of film you have?  Use the table below to make a calculation for 8mm / Super 8mm Film. A 16mm film will be approximately ½ the length. (Length can vary due to shooting speed.)

Feet length

Time length (approx.)

3” reel (50 feet)

2–3 minutes

4” reel (100 feet)

5–6 minutes

5” reel (200 feet)

12–14 minutes

6” reel (300 feet)

19–22 minutes

7” reel (400 feet)

26–29 minutes



About Us

Thanks for your interest in the Periscope Film stock footage library.  We maintain one of the largest collections of historic military, aviation and transportation in the USA. We provide free research and can provide viewing copies if you can let us know some of the specific types of material you are looking for. Almost all of our materials are available in high quality 24p HD ProRes and 2k/4k resolution.

Our material has been licensed for use by:

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