This historical film documents the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which was the main military force of the People’s Republic of China and the armed wing of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The film consists of footage from film-maker Felix Greene’s sixth visit to China in 1972 for a five month period. This film was presented by Contemporary Films. It was photographed, written, narrated, and produced by Felix Greene, with the sound done by Elena Greene. The production assistant was Anne Greene. The editor was Chris Fraser.

The film opens with a scene of Chinese soldiers helping locals sweep the streets (0:27). Chinese soldiers playing ping pong (0:29). Soldier repairing a shoe (0:30). Chinese soldiers playing tug-of-war (0:32). Chinese soldiers battling (0:34). Chinese pilot (0:38). Chinese soldiers sewing (0:43). Chinese soldiers getting their hair cut (0:44). Chinese soldiers pushing a wagon with supplies (0:46). T-55 tank (0:51). Felix Greene sits and talks about his recent visit to China (1:09). People’s Liberation Army soldiers carrying produce alongside locals (2:29). Chinese rice farmers assisted by the soldiers (2:42). Chinese soldiers march into a village where they are greeted by happy children and the villagers (3:14). The People’s Liberation Army medical unit provides medical assistance to the town’s villagers (4:07). PLA helping locals sweep the streets (3:39). PLA collecting water (5:00). Officer blows a horn and the PLA soldiers run to position themselves (5:12). Villagers assemble for a village meeting with the PLA (5:43). Chinese civilians helping the PLA learn mechanical skills (7:07). PLA digging trenches with villagers (7:23). Young adults are trained for civilian defense, learning how to plant mines and shoot (8:30). PLA soldiers talking around a model tank (10:48). PLA soldiers training with guns (11:03). PLA soldiers training for one on one combat with sticks (12:54). PLA soldiers playing tug-of-war (13:18). PLA soldiers enter the dining hall (13:14). PLA officers eating food (14:01). PLA soldiers cutting wheat (14:55). PLA soldiers processing grain (15:17). Peasants and PLA soldiers caring for pigs (15:26). PLA soldiers making bean curd (15:35). PLA soldiers making medicine (15:56). Chinese woman making medicine (16:18). PLA recruits studying the teachings of Mao Zedong (16:26). PLA recruits playing ping-pong (18:02). PLA officers talk to young recruits in a dormitory (18:31). Officer cuts PLA soldier’s hair (18:55). PLA soldiers playing Chinese checkers (19:01). PLA soldiers sew and mend uniforms and shoes (19:13). PLA soldiers doing a performance in front of a photograph of Mao Zedong (19:37). PLA soldiers playing instruments (20:05). PLA soldier playing the flute (20:09). Audience of PLA soldiers (20:24). PLA soldiers on the battlefield (20:47). PLA soldiers run with guns and shoot them (21:24). T-55 tanks with PLA soldiers in front of them (21:37). PLA soldiers run inside the T-55 tanks (21:52). T-55 tanks moving (22:01). PLA soldiers running in a line (22:09). PLA soldiers fidget their hands in front of them (22:20). PLA soldiers drop down with their guns (22:30). Tank goes over a small hill (22:36). PLA soldiers at target training (22:42). T-55 tank (22:53). PLA soldiers run across a field with their guns (23:00). PLA soldiers doing target practice (23:00). PLA soldiers marching together carrying the supplies from their target practice (22:32). PLA soldiers celebrate New Year’s Day (24:01). Statue of Mao Zedong (24:39).

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