There are two color promotional films about the new Chevy products. The first is about the new line of 1974 Chevy Vegas (and was made in 1973). The second is presenting the 1974 Chevy Impala (and was made in 1973).

Title: 1974 Vega (:06-:09). An orange 1974 Chevy Vega is shown as it spins slowly to see all of it. The Vega’s engine is shown. The Vega is seen outside as it starts and goes. It moves down the road. Under the hood is shown (:10-1:15). The Vega moves through a giant puddle. Different designs are shown on the front end. Close on the wheels and the car’s body (1:16-2:08). Interior shots of the seats. Exterior of the doors and the roof. The Vega moves down the highway at a high rate of speed. It’s then on a country road. Close on the wheels. Many different shits of the car in motion (2:09-3:44). The sporty Vega – the GT. Available in the hatchback as shown here. Close on the GT logo and the headlights. The GT moves down the road. Interior of the dashboard and the steering wheel (3:45-4:30). Vega Hatchback is shown. Vega Notchback, a 2 door sedan is up next. Vega GT package. Kammback is shown next. A list of awards the car won is shown on screen (4:31-5:50). A final shot of the Chevy Vega, Notchback, GT, and Kammback all together is shown followed by a title that reads: “Chevrolet. Building a better way to see the USA”


Title: 1974 Impala “The Great American Value” (6:40-6:45). Shot of a tan 1974 Imapala. Impalas in different colors sit on the grass. Shots of the Impala custom coup and the Impala logo on the car. Different impalas are shown, we see the body and the grill. The Impala starts driving (6:46-8:20). Aerial shots of the Impala on a road driving. Interior shots of the dashboard and the steering wheel. A man turns the wheel and we see the wheels turn outside the car in a split screen shot. The Impala’s suspension shot from under the car (8:20-9:16). The screen is split into thirds and we see the suspension from under the car, the wheels moving, and the view through the windshield. The car moves fast up a hill and then into a dark tunnel (9:17-9:51). Other features are shown on the new Impala. The front grill is shown. The car leaves a tunnel and is heading down the road fast. The Impala sits in a driveway. A family fills the trunk of the car as the kids enter the car. A man opens the door for his lady. She gets in and seat belts herself in. A close on the rug and the dashboard. The guy gets in and fastens his seat belt. The car leaves the driveway and drives away (9:52-11:45). Close on the air conditioning levels, radio, the power windows, and the steering wheel. Multiple Impalas are shown (11:46-12:24). End titles and disclaimers, “Chevrolet. Building a better way to see the USA “(12:25-12:42)

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