This color educational film is a driver’s safety film about city driving. There is no copyright at the beginning or end of the film so the date of the production appears to be the mid to late 1970s.

Opening shots of a car junkyard (:08-:43). Opening credit: THE IRON GRAVEYARD, a presentation of the National Safety Council (:44-:58). A junkyard worker talks about how cars in city life have so many distractions with signs, other cars, and regular life. Exits are tough for those not paying attention. The rules and regulations for speed and exiting an exit are explained. An example of what happens when you don’t exit correctly is shown (:59-2:37). You must constantly pay attention: eyes left, right, ahead and behind. Sudden stops aren’t the exception but the rule (2:38-3:23). Changing lanes is tough, do it like you mean it and pay attention. Watch for many clues that can provide you with information on whether or not someone is ready to pull out towards you (3:24-5:10). How to park. A man backs up his van – it is shown and explained how to do it safely. Intersections are discussed and then 4 way stops are explained and shown. What to do when you stop short at a red light and people cross in the crosswalk (5:11-7:03). Left turns and how to do them. Old people and children can cause problems crossing the streets – old people are generally confused (7:04-8:24). How to make a proper right turn with a big rig in the city. Don’t give too much space on your right side or a small car or motorcycle might try to squeeze through (8:25-9:00). The cars wouldn’t end up in the junk pile if people would follow these rules: keep a complete picture of traffic all around, pick your lane and stay in it, move with the traffic, signal to change lanes, treat parked cars like they are ready to move, watch out for pedestrians, be alert for stops. The junkyard employee knows how things can go bad from experience, his car is shown in the lot as well (9:01-9:45). End credits (9:46-9:52).

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