The Tide Water Associated Oil Company presents this late 1940s, black and white film called, “The Story of Federal, What’s Back of a Long Safe Ride.” This promotional film for Federal Tires (an American brand, not to be confused with the post-WWII Taiwanese company) was presented by the marketers of Veedol, Flying-A Ethyl Gasoline and Tydol Motor Oil. It likely dates to 1948. The movie opens with 1940s cars quickly moving down dirt roads. Cars ride down the highway, 1:00. Men and women work in the laboratory, 1:30. Men and women work with factory machines including an electron microscope and spectroscope, 2:00. Tire fabric and rubber compound materials are shown, 2:30. Engineers work on tire designs with a slide rule, 3:05. Clay is used to design a prototype tire tread. Tire testing on the road, 3:25. Car drives on soap to test tires, 4:00. Man wets road to test tires, 4:20. Men work in the factory testing tires, 4:45. Tire is tested against machine, 5:20. Tire takes puncture test, 5:45. Large airplane tire is tested against machine, 6:20. Men measure results of airplane tire test, 7:10. Cars ride down the highway and dirt roads, 7:25. Car tests, 7:50. Inside of tires, 8;07. Tire factories and factory workers, 8:25. Fabrics go into machine for mixing, 8:40. Men on assembly line, 9:10 Rayon cords are woven, 9:35. Cords are put into latex dip, 10:10. Cords get coated with compounded rubber stock, 10:50. Fuel tuber, 11:22. Rubber strips are expelled from the machine, 11:33. Tire cooling vat, 11:38. Tire tread cutting machine, 11:51. Tread cutting examples, 12:04. Tread stock is weighed, 12:15. Flipper strip ties beads into tire, 12:35. Women work manually to ensure accuracy in tire production, 12:45. Man rolls rubber onto wheel rim from machine, cutting rubber by hand, 13:12. Man molds rubber onto rim, 13:30. Machine smooths out rubber on rim, 13:50. Man uses machine to smoothly apply rubber strips to rim, 14:50. Machine continues to trim rubber on rim, 15:22. The merry go round, assembly line for tire building, 15:42. Men smooth the rubber onto rims, 16:25. The platform spins to make the men’s work easier, 16:50. Machines continue to smooth out the rubber’s edges, 17:20. The lid closes and forces the tire into shape, 17:45. Curing machines, 18:10. Synthetic Butyl rubber packages, 18:30. Inner tube machine, 18:45. Butyl tubes. Butyl inner tube is displayed by man, 19:20. The curing room, 19:46. Federal Air Wing tire emerges from curing machine, 20:07. Tire is removed from machine, 20:25 and balanced. Men inspect final tires hanging on machine, 20:40. The finished product tire on the car, 20:50. Shots of cars on the highway, looks like Chicago, Illinois.

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