87754 The Dairy Belt

This color educational film is about the Dairy Belt of the United States where a majority of our milk products come from. Copyright 1963.

Opening: cows graze. Title: THE DAIRY BELT (:06-:58). A young boy pours a glass of milk. A woman pours it in a bowl over food. A man pours it for a young girl. He then pours himself some. Cows. A farmer milks a cow with a machine (:59-2:01). A map of the United States where dairy farms are located. The dairy belt stretches from New England to the upper mid west and parts of Canada. Cows in the pasture. Cows feed from the water and the field. Cows eat feed. Corn and oats make up the biggest part of the feed. A tractor in a field. The dairy belt. Central NY State, a dairy farm (2:02-4:01). Farmer has 30 milk cows. Cows graze in the grass. Damp air, humid temperatures. Grass. Cow eats grass. Southeastern Wisconsin dairy farm. Cows graze in the distance. His pasture land is drier. This farm has more crops including hay (4:02-5:59). Feed is poured. Hay is placed on the barn floor for the cows. Fertilizer is placed by a tractor. Hay bales being pulled by a tractor. Bales of hay go up a conveyor belt. Corn crop is cut and harvested by a tractor. A boy works near a silo (6:00-7:47). Top of a silo. Corn is harvested. Tractor goes through the crop knocking it down. Corn is collected in the back of the tractor. NY State farm. Crops on the ground. A tractor at work. Corn field. Dairy belt map

(7:48-9:38). Sanitary practices being done. A man cleans a cow’s udders. Cows are milked twice a day. A boy removes manure and straw with the help of a mechanical conveyor belt. A woman cleans bowls. Milk is pumped from a tank to a refrigerated truck. Milk is tested for bacteria. Milk truck drives away. Milk truck drives by snow bank, roads are cleared (9:39-11:25). Cream separated from milk and made into butter. A worker moves a bag. Cottage cheese and cheddar cheese are made. A machine assists. Ice cream is packaged. Wisconsin map. Half of the cheese in the USA is made in Wisconsin. Minnesota leads the USA in butter production. Dairy belt map. Dairy belt and manufacturing belt in the same area (11:26-14:07). Large city buildings. Small town. Land zoned for industry was once a farm. A man walks the quiet land. Farm land, cows graze (14:08-15:35). End credits (15:36-15:41).

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