Hosted by former Governor Frederic “Val” Peterson, the director of the Federal Civil Defense Administration, this 1954 film lecture explains simply and graphically the dangers of radioactive fallout. It also discusses the preventative measures that can be taken for individual protection against the bomb. During his tenure as director of the FCDA, Gov. Peterson dealt with a host of new challenges but the most pressing was the development of the hydrogen bomb in 1952 — the same year he took office, and the Soviet Union’s acquisition of it in 1953.

This film lecture focuses exclusively on the danger of fallout from the H-bomb. As Peterson explains, “With the smaller atomic weapons we did not have to worry too much about fallout. With the larger atomic bombs and especially with the hydrogen weapons, radioactive dust will fall to earth far beyond the range of fire and blast.” Anyone caught downwind of an explosion without shelter faces a strong likelihood of death. The solutions available are to evacuate any potential target cities, or dig deep enough shelters to protect from fallout.

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