This interesting WWII silent German film was made by the Reichsluftschutzbund, the “Reich Air Raid Group” or National Air Raid Protection League. Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) was an organization in Nazi Germany in charge of air raid precautions in residential areas and among smaller businesses. It’s unclear when the film was made, but the British began bombing Germany in the summer of 1940, shortly after the fall of France. The film, which was probably shown to block wardens, shows various techniques to keep up good humor, and especially keep warm, in an air raid shelter. The opening card at :17 states “How to keep high spirits in an air raid shelter, and how to stay in good health and high spirits, and not catch a cold.” It then shows people in an air raid shelter, one of whom has a thermos of coffee, the others who appear to be fairly miserable. The card at 1:21 roughly states, “Only those who are adequately protected against the cold can endure more frequent visits.” The group of people are now shown again, but all wear warm coats and hats against the cold. Tea is poured for a child. The card at 2:12 states, “Well into the summer, precautions are taken when staying in the air raid shelters.” The film shows a thermometer and states that the most beneficial temperature is 15 degrees celsius (59F). At 3:37, civilians look fairly happy in the air raid shelter, playing a game of chess or checkers. The card at 4:38 says (more or less) “Now we will look at the best way to achieve good results in the air raid shelter.” From this point on, the film shows a woman waking up and quickly dressing as the air raid siren goes off. At first she only puts on a nightgown, but the film warns that this is “not enough for the air raid shelter”. She puts on pants and shoes, and a coat and places a scarf on her head. At 7:46 a group of civilians enters the shelter. The film warns that outside walls and floors are the coldest things one can rest on, so avoid them. “Seat cushions and foot benches also protect against the cold” the film states at 9:36. At 10:26 a mother offers her children warm drinks and biscuits. At 12:30, mats are placed on the floor for an extended stay. The card at 13:30 notes that newspapers are excellent insulation. At 14:59, a blanket is placed against the wall to keep out the cold. Plywood can also be used to help insulate a very cold basement.

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