This late 1960s color travelogue film provides highlights of Arizona attractions. It is narrated by Jack Douglas as part of the America! Television series. Sunset provides a backdrop to the cacti. Outside Phoenix is the Pinnacle Peak Patio restaurant, which cuts off the neckties of diners and attaches them (and the owner’s information) to the ceiling. Two-pound T-bone steaks are flipped on the grill. A boot is on the plate for a well-done order (:45-2:39). Eduardo Castle introduces his Tucson Boys Chorus, who sing and do rope tricks (2:40-3:35). Old Tucson, an amusement attraction, has also been used as a film set. The Lost Dutchman Ghost Mine, stagecoach ride, and a live action gunfight with the Sheriff are shown (3:36-5:38). The American Heritage Wax Museum features Coronado, Geronimo, Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, Jessie James, and Johnny Ringo (5:39-6:58). Tombstone has an 1882 Courthouse. A vintage-dressed actress crosses the street to the Bird Cage Theatre. The owner of the O.K. Corral narrates the events of the day. A sign marks where Wyatt Earp was shot. An antique hearse transported victims to the Boot Hill Graveyard. Tombstones there have facts about their deaths (7:00-10:30). Arizona sand dunes, cacti, and blooms on a cactus are shown, including on a saguaro cactus. Shown are a scorpion, giant tarantula, Gila monster, and a Diamondback rattlesnake (10:31-11:45). The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum features prairie dogs, a tortoise to pet, walk-in bird cages with chachalacas, western roadrunners, and turkey vultures. It also has coatimundi (coati) and jaguars. A talk is given holding a javelina and a bobcat is fed a bottle (11:55-15:08). A guide drives a four-wheel tour vehicle through Monument Valley to the Navajo reservation. They pass two colorfully dressed Navajo girls on horses. A saddle and blanket are taken into a hogan. Navajo shepherdesses drive the sheep home across the red sand. Navajo women spin and card wool. One weaves a blanket on a loom. A large dried grass comb is used to brush hair (15:09-18:03). Montezuma Castle National Monument has cliff dwellings. A drawing depicts its architecture components (18:05-19:03). The Grand Canyon and Colorado River are panned. A blizzard blankets the Canyon in snow. Melting ice drips off a tree branch. Hopi Indians perform the Feather Dance and Hoop Dance. Horses with riders wind up the narrow path of the Canyon (19:05-22:10). Bits of already shown footage close the film (22:11-22:38).

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