This incredible industrial film starring comedian Jonathan Winters was presented by the Glass Sales office of Ford Motor Company (:12) and is directed by Richard Galbreath (:25). It begins with a narrative, about a nephew and his uncle (1:43). The nephew is telling his uncle of his desire to leave the latter’s corset factory business in pursuit of employment with Ford Motor Company (1:43). At the Ford Motor Factory, we learn he is to be joining the glass sales office (3:38). This was the third largest producer of glass in the United States and the only auto manufacturer which produced its own glass and architectural glass. Some of the buildings which they had completed work for are shown such as the Hilton hotel in San Francisco (6:50), the largest shopping center called Ford City in Chicago (6:55), the Chemical Bank and Trust Company in New York (6:59) and the United Nations Plaza of New York (7:06). The nephew first visits Lynn Koehlinger Company Inc to discuss why they had chosen to work with Ford (7:39). Afterwards he pays a visit to Allen County Motors Inc to discover why they also specify Car Lite safety glass (10:32) and then heads to Blaising Insurance (12:02). Each divulge that Car Lite was the main glass used in all Ford made motor vehicles and was specified for its use in the warrantee. They also crafted replacement glass for any non-Ford vehicles. Here and throughout the film the boy visualizes his uncle haunting him and he appears as many strange characters throughout (13:38). A car windshield is being set into place with the trade mark red Car Lite sticker in it’s corner (14:32). Hanging on the wall is the certificate authorizing this man as Car Lite Installer (15:15). Ford vinyl is on display as it was used not only in the vehicle upholstery, auto tops, and trims but also for furniture and wall coverings (15:50). The film leads to the Nashville plant which was the largest of it’s kind (17:20). Alongside of the sprawling layout of buildings is the Tennessee State prison for women (17:53). This factory was able to turn a half million raw material into 170 million square feet of glass (18:05). We are shown the water tower with Ford written across and the multitude of smoke stacks (18:24) which lead to a shipment of silica sand being delivered to the factory (18:57). The Toledo Honest Weight Electronic Weighing and Measuring unit appears (19:15) as well as a massive batch mixer (19:23). From the plate furnace (19:54) a sample is drawn for a quality check (20:03). These samples are tested using an X-ray Spectrogram (20:19). The glass is sliced into uniform pieces (21:16) and plate glass is grounded and polished (21:33). The electronic console which controlled all processes is depicted (22:05) as well as the ‘float process’ which utilized melted tin (22:46). Later the Car Lite trade mark is sandblasted onto a piece to be used as a sun visor (23:45). As the film begins to wrap up, the sharp edges of the glass are filed down (23:55) and windshields are bent into proper shape (25:14).

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