Magic Isle is a short travelogue from the 1960s or 1970s that gives viewers a glimpse of the small island located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean. The film opens with a shot of an old sailing ship out at sea. The film shows viewers a beach, the downtown area of Bridgetown next to the harbor, a statue of Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, and the old Bridgetown garrison. Other highlights include Barbados’ Parliament Building (01:14), Barbados troops marching in a parade, school children in school uniforms marching in a parade, and people playing on the beach (01:46). Locals and visitors alike participate in the numerous activities offered on the island: swimming, waterskiing, surfing (02:22), horse jumping (02:28), golfing, and cricket (03:31). The film shows a graduation ceremony while noting that Barbados has one of the highest literacy rates in the Caribbean. A woman sews colorful cloth at a textile manufacturing plant (04:19). Commercial airline jets land at the island’s Seawell International Airport (04:36). The film shows a variety of hotels and guest apartments, where tourists can relax on the beach or next to pools. Visitors to Barbados enjoy an afternoon aboard a “pirate ship” (06:59), swimming, eating, and dancing. On Broad Street in Bridgetown (07:35), people shop at the various stores. Other sources of entertainment include watching a steel drum band play, attending a horse race (08:25), watching automobile and dirt bike races, and horseback riding in the rolling hills of Barbados’ countryside (09:11). Two people hike to The Lion at Gun Hill, a white statue of a lion that overlooks the island (09:47). The film features footage of the island’s coastline, its flora (10:50), and its tranquil sunsets (11:07). Once the sun has gone down, people enjoy fine dining and dancing to live music (11:16). Tourists watch as locals limbo under a burning pole. A fire dancer performs for a crowd (12:23). The film ends with a montage of shots that shows Barbados’ beaches, waters, a lighthouse (13:20), and a commercial jet taking off.

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