This is a 1950’s era, black and white movie produced by Calvin. It is a movie about natural and man-made disasters of all sorts. It opens with men waiting online to go to work in a mining shaft. Men mining, 1:00. Men carry canaries, 1:15. Simulated cave-in of a mine, 1:45. Town is alarmed as whistle blows indicating tragedy in the mine, 2:32. Bodies being taken out of the mines, 3:09. John L Lewis, President of United Mine Workers Union, 3:18. Bodies of 111 miners are taken out of a mine in Illinois that suffered an explosion, 4:36. The movie turns to the tragedy of floods, we witness a raging flood, 4:53. Horse makes its way across a flooded river, 6:20. People in rowboats escape floods, 6:50. Cats and dogs left stranded during a flood, 7:48. Children get inoculated, 8:06. People clean up after the floodwaters recede, 8:47. The movie turns to the tragedy of earthquakes, we witness an earthquake in Ecuador, 9:55. Tokyo in 1923, before an earthquake, 10:18. Mother carries her dead child after earthquake, 11:12. Long Beach earthquake in 1933, 11:40. Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906, 12:15. April, 1947, Texas City, “Port of Death”, explosion aboard a freighter set off many fires on land along with chemical plants, 14:20. Oil containers catch fire and explode, 14:47. Charred human remains are carried off the port and out of the factories, 15:21. Death roster in local high school takes form, 15:30. Wounded are attended to and the relatives mourn, 16:00. Cave explorers in the Pyrenees take their chances at incredible depths, 18:21. Spelunker climbs down rope ladder to the cave bottom, 18:42. Stalagmites and stalactites, 18:50. Cave divers don scuba suits to navigate underground rivers, 19:40. May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg disaster, 21:00. Hindenburg explodes, 21:28. 1919, the R34 made first transatlantic flight. The dirigible Roma crashes near Virginia and 34 men die, 23:17. The Shenandoah helium inflated dirigible gets shredded in a storm, but does not explode, 23:33. 1930, the British dirigible R101 crashes and over 40 men die, 23:52. April 1933, the US dirigible Akron crashes into the sea and 73 men die, 24:49. The movie turns to the tragedy of tornados, in opening, we witness several tornados, 9:55. We see the aftermath of a tornado, 28:00. Weather center employees track tornado equipment, 29:20. Radio broadcaster makes tornado warning, 29:40. People prepare for the incoming tornado, 30:54. Radar stations begin to track the tornado, 31:40. The tornado arrives in the town of Elmville, 33:26. The aftermath of the tornado is covered, houses and cars are destroyed, but no lives are lost, 34:30.

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