The color film, Idaho Wild Natural Resources, is from the film library of the Bureau of Mines, of the United States Dept. of the Interior. The bureau was established in 1910 and continued until 1996. It became part of the Dept. of Interior in 1934. This documentary was made in cooperation with Richfield Oil Corporation of California, which was in business from 1905 to 1966. The film shows the Reactor Testing Station which operated from 1949-1975. It also shows fire trucks from the early 1950’s; therefore, this movie was probably made between 1955 and 1966.

A Focus leader for the film operator (0:07-0:16). Introduction (0:17-0:48). The sun rises over the mountains (0:49-1:09). An introduction of Idaho (1:10-1:45). Map of the Louisiana Purchase (1:45-1:54). Lewis and Clark commissioned to explore the land guided by the Bird Woman (1:55-2:25). Fur trappers came (2:27-2:48). Beaver hat (2:49-2:52). Mink coat (2:49-3:00). Mountain men explored its depth (3:01-3:18). Pioneers went through it to California (3:19-3:43). Gold was discovered (3:45-4:11). New businesses: lumber yards, cattle drives, and fresh vegetables (4:12-4:33). Farmer plowing (4:41-4:46). Sheep grazing (4:47-4:50). Moving logs with horses (4:51-4:57). In 1885, Noah Kellogg, a gold prospector, discovered galena, lead ore (4:58-5:35). Mine railway or pit railway (5:53-6:04). Flotation process (6:05-6:13). Filling station attendant, gas station attendant, or gas jockey, working a full-service filling station (6:25-6:43). Liquid Zinc (6:44-6:53). Liquid silver made into coins (6:54-7:09). Tungsten (7:10-7:17). Monazite, a phosphate mineral (7:59-8:05). Reactor Testing Station sign, operative between 1949 and 1975. Surgical instruments (9:06-9:08). Six sided Beryllium rock (9:09-9:13). Phosphate mining (9:20-9:38). Phosphate uses: smoke screens, bombs, carbonation, detergent additive, fertilizers. A farmer spreading fertilizer (9:39-10:09). Wheat field (10:10-10:26). Apple orchard (10:27-10:30). Peach orchard (10:31-10:33). Cattle grazing (10:34-10:40). Snake River valley (10:41-11:03). Wheat being harvested (11:04-11:22). Hybrid seed corn (11:23-11:30). Sugar beet pile (11:31-11:36). Onions (11:37-11:43). Idaho Potatoes (11:44-12:12). Plums, cherries, and peaches (12:13-12:20). Apple orchards (12:21-12:29). Grain elevator (12:50-12:58). Turkey farm (13:08-13:16). Dairy farm (13:17-13:37). Beef cattle farm (13:38-14:13). Square Dancers (13:38-14:36). Sheep farms (14:37-15:10). White pine timber (15:11-15:43). Log drive down river (15:44-16:48). Saw mill (16:49-17:12). Tree Farms, and tree nurseries (17:15-17:50). Fire tower (17:51-18:06). 1952 Ford Fire truck and a 1946 Fire E truck (18:07-18:17). Forest fire (18:23-18:50). Scenery (19:05-19:23). Union Pacific streamline train and an airplane bring tourist (19:24-19:41). Downhill skiing on Idaho’s mountains (20:31-21:27). Mountain top snow (21:28-21:46): waterfalls, and canyons where the Colorado river flows (21:47-21:57). The Salmon River, or River of No Return (21:58-22:04). The Saint Joe River (22:05-22:14). Beautiful lake views like Lake Pend Oreille (22:15-22:34). Fishermen fishing (22:35-23:07), Kamloops trout (23:08-23:12), or Sturgeon (23:13-23:21). Moose in a pond, a White tail deer in the meadow (23:22-23:33). Elk in the woods (23:34-23:39). Antelope running across the plains (23:40-23:45) Black bear and cub (23:46-23:52). Shooting game birds and ducks with dogs (23:53-24:31). Electric plant and transmission lines (24:32-25:03). University of Idaho and Idaho State College (25:21-25:58). Boise the state capital (26:50-26:58), Twin Falls (26:59-27:01). Many views of Idaho (27:02-29:04).

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