This film is of the series of films titled ‘Yesterday’s Newsreel’ which combined actual news footage with modern commentary. The first segment is from 1917 to 1920 (:08) and begins with historic images of the events which resulted in the constitutional amendment that led to the women’s right to vote (:18). It had been a 69-year movement that was climaxed with the appeal of the White House depicted here (:24). Susan B. Anthony became the chairwoman of the executive committee of the Woman’s Suffrage movement (:31). A banner is seen which reads “Mr. President What Will You Do?”. Parading in the streets (:35) in Washington in 1917 followed and as seen police action was taken against picketers. DC police are seen exiting the station to round up protestors (:47). The Vice President at the time, Wilson (:59) signed the 19th Amendment. The first state to ratify was Illinois (1:10). A sign for ‘Registry Meets Here’ appears as a mass movement of women begin to register to vote (1:16). A suffrage leader, Alice Paul (2:02) was the first woman to register by mail in New Jersey (2:02). Victory parades erupt in the streets passing by the then governor of Boston, Calvin Coolidge (2:17) and his staff. This movement had begun in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 (2:30). Susan B. Anthony is shown standing by statues built to commemorate women and the movement (2:42). The film then switches to 1929 and The Great Ziegfeld who was a famous polish producer and one of his showgirls, Miss Grace (3:16). For 1931 Aviation, the film brings us to the International Schneider Cup (3:54). The British entry was the only remaining competitor which meant it was a race against time (4:04). A new record was set by this craft as it had hit 404 mph (4:27). The 1928 Personalities section will begin with Ben Turpin and his wife in New York (4:45). One of New York’s greatest showmen was SL Rockefeller (5:05). Helen Keller appears after (5:20) visiting with Mrs. Coolidge in DC (5:20). John Philip Sousa is seen directing traffic (5:36). Sousa had led the Marine Band from 1880 to 1892 and once again took over here to entertain President Hoover (5:49). In September of 1938, the worst hurricane thus far was recorded which hit Carolina to Maine’s coasts (6:23). Footage of Long Island follows as it had been hit with the worst of the storm (6:26-6:39) as well as an actual rescue during the storm (7:07). For the 1941 Fashions of the day (7:51), furs made with chinchilla are shown as well as the harem skirt, evening gowns with front and back plunging necklines, and a silk evening gown with an uneven hemline (9:07). In 1917 the United States purchased the Virgin Islands and a shot of the 130 square miles purchased are shown (9:41). The sports segment begins with Harvard and the Cambridge Classic (10:25). A bobsled race in Lake Placid, New York follows (11:15) and this concludes the film.

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