This black and white vocational training film (with opening titles missing) aims to prepare beginner welders for safe and efficient handling of oxyacetylene torches with an educational tour of oxy-fuel welding techniques (TRT: 18:06).

A man dons goggles and tests an ignited oxyacetylene torch. Narration: “Engineers are placing more and more confidence in this method of joining metals together” (0:06). A torch welder repairs a piece of damaged metal. A blowtorch and filler rod in closeup. A group of two welders working in tandem. One wears a blast shield. “Metal welding is not just another trade, it is an art” (0:25). Tools of the trade sit upon a bench, laid out for easy viewing (1:21). A welder in a protective coverall suit, cap, googles, boots, and gloves fades into view. “Never do welding of any kind without goggles” (1:39). Setting up equipment and turning on gas tanks: Cracking cylinder valves to clear clogged dirt. Attaching nozzles and attaching hose lines to the regulator dials. Red is paired to acetylene, and green is paired to oxygen (2:26). Opening the cylinder valve slowly and adjusting the regulator screws (3:37). Connecting the hose to the torch and blowing out valves (4:28). Adjusting the regulators to match pressure (5:10). Lighting the torch with a spark lighter. Narration: “Tough guys burn just as easily as sissies” (5:34). A closeup of the torch’s flame as it is adjusted, with text indicating an “inner cone” and “envelope flame.” The “neutral” luminous cone melts a sheet of steel. A greater ratio of acetylene extends the flame’s envelope and boils metal (6:04). An oxidizing flame gives off sparks. A harsh flame creates a mess, a more controlled flame’s eye does better work (7:38). A flame is calibrated. As the valve closes, a neutral flame is formed (8:45). Setting up a welding table and lighting the torch (9:10). Calibrating the flame. Proper handling of the torch. “If a job is too tough and tiring, chances are you’re not doing it right” (9:40). The torche’s cone tip approaches steel. A puddle of molten steel forms and the torch is moved across the steel in small semicircles (10:45). The torch is raised at the end of the metal sheet. An example of steel ripples after a practice session (12:02). Beading is demonstrated. A straight welding rod is melted to a right angle. The welding rod is brought to a near liquid point, then deposited on the sheet of steel as the torch heats both surfaces (12:34). An improper splattering technique is demonstrated (14:03). Sparks fly. The welding rod sticks to the sheet, then is loosened (14:42). Proper technique is reviewed in closeup (15:10). Examples of good and bad beading results are compared and contrasted. A bad example shows holes and inconsistency. An underheated weld shows lumpiness (15:25). Quitting time. Closing valves, draining both torch lines (16:22). A closeup on the torch nozzle as it is cleaned with soft metal. Hanging up the torch and removing protective gear (17:14).

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