Your Career As An Aeronautical Engineer is a short educational film on what the career path of an aspiring aeronautical engineer looks like. The film covers such topics as meeting with a high school counselor to take key courses, what the course of study in a university’s college of engineering looks like, the different degrees one can pursue for a job in the field of aviation, and what a professional aeronautical engineer can do with their degree. The film opens with its narrator (Dwight Robinson?) standing in an office and addressing the camera. He writes a simple problem of addition on a chalk board as he introduces the career path of an aeronautical engineer. A large commercial airline jet flies in the sky (00:50). Girls walk into the front doors of a high school (02:22). Two boys sit at a table in the cafeteria talking about algebra proofs. The film shows the sign for the school’s counselors: Mr. Rehbock, Dr. Knight, and Dr. Liston (04:02). One of the counselors meets with a student to discuss proper steps to take with the goal of pursuing a degree in the college of engineering. A student sits in a physics classroom and studies a Venturi tube problem (04:48). Students walk out of the high school at the end of the day. Three boys work on an airplane model, testing fuel mixtures (06:55). The film shows the campus of a university, and possibly the building that houses its college of engineering (08:11). Several students watch a mathematics professor work through a problem on a chalk board. A young woman holds a slide ruler in an engineering classroom and learns how to use the tool (09:52). She then opens an engineering handbook to look through the pages. Another student draws a design using a compass (11:28). The film’s narrator shows a list of professions on his chalkboard that fall within the field of aviation (12:44); one of those is aeronautical engineering. A student works with a professor on a diagram using the principles that are proven in a Venturi tube (moving air and lift). Another student watches as an instructor writes an equation on the blackboard that tackles Bernoulli’s principle. A student demonstrates Bernoulli’s principle by blowing through a tube onto a piece of paper (15:33). Inside a machine shop, a young man welds metal (16:30). Another young man works on an electrical circuit board. Two men sit near an aircraft jet engine in a warehouse or large production room (17:45). A professor demonstrates flight and moving-wing systems testing by drawing out the process of using a wind tunnel on a chalk board. Engineering students test a model wing design in a small wind tunnel (19:14). The students measure the response of the model on various instruments. A student looks through a Scientific American magazine (21:48). A new grad works on an aircraft design on his drafting table (22:31). Two men walk next to a Boeing B-52A Stratofortress (23:46), examining the body of the plane. The B-52A or a similar plane takes off from a runway, concluding the film.

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