This color, silent film shows footage of the Lockheed C-5A Galaxy cargo aircraft during its ground taxi tests, and flight tests in 1968. The first C-5A Galaxy (serial number 66-8303) was rolled out of the manufacturing plant in Marietta, Georgia, on 2 March 1968. On 30 June 1968, flight testing of the C-5A began with the first flight, flown by Leo Sullivan, with the call sign “eight-three-oh-three heavy”. It is believed that the film includes the first flight of the aircraft at Marietta, Georgia, 30 June 1968. The aircraft shown in the film, 66-8303, was destroyed after a fuel purge resulted in a build-up of fumes, causing an explosion and ground fire at Marietta in 1970.

Opening: The prototype United States Air Force Lockheed C-5A Galaxy, tail #66-8303, taxis on a runway (:08). The C-5A Galaxy taxis on a runway and starts to turn to the right before becoming straight again (1:38). Filming underneath the Galaxy (2:56). Taxi tests: the C-5A Galaxy starts to go fast down a runway (4:00). High speed test: C-5A with front wheels up and places them down on the runway (4:20). TF39 engine (6:08). C-5A Galaxy moves slowly on a runway (6:20). C-5A Galaxy goes down a runway at an increased speed as it then leaves the runway and climbs into the sky for its first flight (6:53). Heading for landing (8:44). Lands on a runway (9:27). Outside of the C-5A Galaxy a group of people have gathered (10:05). A man walks on top of the C-5A Galaxy (10:52). Crew, including test pilots in orange flight suits(11:08). The C-5A Galaxy starts to move on the runway again, very slowly (11:25). C-5A Galaxy takes off into the sky (11:44). Wheels of the C-5A Galaxy turn and then go into the undercarriage of the plane (11:58). Engines seem to move slightly (12:40). C-5A Galaxy in the sky (13:06). Testing landing gear, gear lowered (13:44). Galaxy angles downward and then lands on a runway (14:18). Galaxy has landed, pilots leave the plane (15:08). Filmed from below on the ground (15:30). Galaxy flies in the sky (15:39). Galaxy goes down a runway and places it’s front landing wheels down, releases a braking parachute (16:01). Cargo is being placed into the plane; the doors close and the nose cone moves into place (16:49). Bay doors start to move and then two doors open, another panel lowers slowly towards the ground (18:32). The plane panel starts to raise and go back (20:40). The bay doors close (21:28). Galaxy takeoff (21:59). Galaxy comes in for a landing and slowly taxis (22:16). Galaxy starts to pick up speed and goes from landing to soaring into the sky again (22:53). Galaxy takes off (23:58). A Lockheed C-141 Starlifter with large radar dome on its nose (24:26). Galaxy takes off (24:44). Galaxy under assembly or maintenance (25:08). C-5A Galaxy in the sky (25:24). Galaxy on the ground (25:50). Galaxy takes off; Galaxy on a wet runway (26:02). Galaxy taxis on a wet runway (26:22). Galaxy tail #66-8305 inside a hangar showing structure built to maintain the tail (26:40). Galaxy turns on a runway; then flies into the sky (27:02). Galaxy in flight (27:28). Turns on a runway (27:57). Lands (28:37). Galaxy being worked on inside a hangar (29:16). Inside the Marietta factory (30:06). A camera crew and pilots board a C-5A Galaxy (31:39). C-5A Galaxy races down a runway (31:58). Inside the cockpit; POV footage from pilot’s perspective (32:08). C-5A Galaxy on a runway (32:23).

The Lockheed C-5A Galaxy (Lockheed Model L-500) is a long-range, heavy lift military transport with high, “shoulder-mounted” wings and a “T-tail.” It has a flight crew of two pilots, two flight engineers and three load masters. The airplane’s cargo compartment can be accessed by a ramp at the rear of the fuselage, and the nose can be raised to allow cargo to be loaded from the front. The wings’ leading edges are swept to 25°. Four turbofan engines are mounted on pylons beneath the wings. The landing gear has 28 wheels in five units, and can “kneel” to bring the cargo deck closer to the ground for loading and unloading.

The C-5 is gigantic: it is 247 feet, 10 inches (75.540 meters) long with a wingspan of 222 feet, 9 inches (67.894 meters) and overall height of 65 feet, 1 inch (19.837 meters). The cargo compartment has a height of 13 feet, 6 inches (4.115 meters) and width of 19 feet (5.791 meters). It is 143 feet, 9 inches (43.825 meters) long. The C-5A has a maximum takeoff weight of 840,000 pounds (381,018 kilograms) and a maximum cargo weight of 270,000 pounds (122,470 kilograms).

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