Produced by Canada’s Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce and directed by Barrie Howells, this color educational film is about the aviation infrastructure of Canada, the future of air travel and airports, and how Canadian engineers are assisting other countries, include the United Arab Emirates, with designing their airports. Copyright 1970.

Opening: commercial jets fly into the sky over Montreal. Crowds of passengers in the Montreal International Airport. A chart shows how passenger miles (in billions) will grow between 1968-1984. In an airport, large crowd of people. Cars outside of an airport. Parking lot. Title: The Canadian Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce presents Airports for Exports from Canada (:06-1:29). Cockpit POV of a jumbo jet landing and flying in the sky. Aerial shots of the nation of Canada. Map shows where the major airports of Canada are located. Edmonton’s airport. Planes at gates in the airport. Emergency generator building for the airport. Winnipeg International Airport. Air Canada commercial jets on the runway. Modern enclosed loading bridges. Baggage carousel in the airport (1:30-3:55). Regina, a typical regional airport. Jets land on the runway. People board a jet. Halifax International Airport. A jet lands. Airport radar antennas. Moncton Airport in New Brunswick (4:28). Construction workers build a new runway (3:56-5:44). Toronto International Airport. Cockpit night POV shows runway landing lights. Canadian information board in New York. Computer prints. Canadian radar system. Computer chips being built (5:45-7:27). Pan Am 747 jet. Fire on the tarmac, the Canadian mobile crash rescue equipment puts it out as part of a drill. Canadian snow removal equipment at work in heavy snow. Toronto’s control tower. Man working in ATC or Air Traffic Control. Pulling a piece of paper off on IBM dot matrix printer (6:38) Semiconductors and computer chips used in avionics are shown manufactured in Canada (7:10). Pan Am 747 on the ground in Toronto. Airplane crash fire drill (7:56) with fire engines shooting foam onto a burning aircraft hull. Snow blowing equipment and de-icing (8:29). American Airlines terminal (9:08). Planes move on the tarmac (7:28-9:42). Airport in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, sits off the mainland on an island in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. Exterior shots of the airport. Aerial shot of construction of the airport, which is led by a group of Canadian engineers. Bridge to the mainland. Construction of the airport on the ground (9:43-11:18). A person exits a jumbo jet. Construction continues on the airport. Jumbo jet takes off into the sky. Palm trees. Jet in the sky. Ceylon Airport near Columbo opened in 1968, partially financed by Canada. People in the airport. Plane lands. Air Ceylon Jet. Palm trees near water. Inside the airport’s terminals (11:19-13:34). Ocean. Plane takes off. Caribbean, Blackburne Airport Project, now known as W.H. Bramble, in Montserrat, a British Overseas Territory. Smaller planes take off, these belong to LIAT, or the Leeward Islands Air Transport Services, a regional airline headquartered in Antigua and Barbuda that operated high-frequency inter-island scheduled services to 15 destinations in the Caribbean. A de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo, a short take off and landing aircraft, lands (14:39). Pan American jumbo jet takes off (13:35-15:02). Jumbo jet flies over a small house. (15:28) Douglas DC-9 operated by SAS named “Alrick Viking”. Parking lot. Countries of Denmark and Sweden, proposed project to extend the island of Salthome for a new airport near Copenhagen Airport (this plan was later abandoned). Jumbo jets fly in the sky. In Canada, people are at work on new airport plans. North of Montreal, a project is being developed. Runway layouts. Gate designs for terminals (15:03-17:22). Jets land at Vancouver International Airport. Woman in a car approaches the airport. Parking lot outside the airport. The woman enters the airport. Inside an airport terminal. People in the airport terminal. Jet’s engines start. Jet goes down the runway. Aerial shot of an airport in Canada (17:23-19:47). End credits (19:48-20:18).

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