This film from the Ford Motor Co. depicts a tour of the Grand Canyon as tourists take a ride through the area stopping at various points of interest. Of course it features shots of the new Fords as well. The film opens with the starting point of a trek through the Grand Canyon on the western rim of the canyon at the Bright Angel Lodge (:37). The Lodge offers hotel accommodations or cabins (:41). Visitors are seen milling around the campgrounds (:47) and taking a look out at the Grand Canyon (:53). An aerial shot of the Canyon follows (:55) and visitors head to the start of the Bright Angel Trail (1:02). They take the trail down on horseback / mules / burros and are led by a guide who is provided by the National Park Service (1:09). The ridges along the canyon are pointed out (1:35). The Grand Canyon expands over 300 miles in length and is up to eighteen miles wide and about a mile deep (1:48). A Ford convertible pulls off to the side and it’s inhabitants step out and walk down for a closer look at an observation point (3:07). The Colorado River is seen cutting through the Canyon (3:29). A wooden boat rides through the seventeen miles of it’s churning waters (3:51). This river receives it’s source from the snow capped mountains nearby (4:05). Visitors set up camps alongside the river and cook up a meal over a flame (4:23). At Yaqui Point in Arizona, the Tusayan Ruins, a Pueblo Indian site, is viewed (5:18). A truck full of geologists appears as they arrive regularly to make replicas of rock formations (5:46). Geologists are seen staining the rocks (5:59). A man bends down to inspect cacti (6:15) and the red blossoms blooming on the cacti are then shown (6:17). Surprising to this desert arid climate, over 700 flowering plants exist in the area (6:25). The tourists then head south for a hundred miles to Beaver Creek (7:16). Montezuma Castle is viewed (7:43) which sits 75 feet up the side of a cliff (7:43) as well as a national monument constructed from the Petrified Forest (8:01). The Petrified Forest is about 100 miles from the Montezuma Castle (8:09) and it sits across Arizona and New Mexico. A few shots of petrified trees follow (9:08). A wide shot of the Painted Desert pictures it to be sprinkled with colored clay (9:43). An Indian reservation rests farther north from here (9:57) and their home dwellings are seen as tourists move throughout the area (10:12). Northwest routes take travelers to Monument Valley (10:32). The rock formation, which is known as Rainbow Bridge is viewed here (10:45). The film then takes viewers southwest back into Arizona and to the starting point of the trek (10:59). It begins to wrap up as there is much more of the Grand Canyon to be traversed and enjoyed as visitors take a final look out over the massive canyon (11:24). It was presented by Ford Motor Company (12:19).

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