‘Hollywood Victory Caravan’ was a short subject produced by Paramount and released in 1945. It was a piece of WWII propaganda designed to sell war bonds. Our story follows a young woman as she tries to get to Washington to visit her brother, who’s in an army hospital there. Unfortunately an exasperated Franklin Pangborn tells her that there’s no space available anywhere. Fortunately he gets an idea and suggests that our heroine should visit the studio and tell her story to Bing Crosby. It seems there’s a Hollywood Victory Caravan taking the stars to Washington tomorrow for a big bond show, and Bing’s in charge. So she follows his advice and the next day she sneaks into the Paramount lot past security guard William Demarest. While there she runs into several famous faces, including Robert Benchley, Diana Lynn, Barbara Stanwyck, and Alan Ladd. They’re also rehearsing for the show there and we see Betty Hutton perform “Plain Jane Doe.” Carmen Cavallaro gets in a number as well; he plays some Gershwin at the piano (“I’ve Got Rhythm”). She finally manages to see Bing and he and Bob Hope reluctantly agree to double up on the train to make room for the young woman. When everyone reaches Washington, the gal and her brother watch the show from backstage. Hope MCs and first introduces Olga San Juan, who performs “Rumba Matumba.” Next, out comes Humphrey Bogart, who promises not to give a patriotic speech but promptly proceeds to do so anyway. To finish things off, Bing Crosby sings “We’ve Got Another Bond to Buy.” Go out and buy one!

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