Created by the U.S. Navy’s Industrial Incentive Division and the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) during WWII, this “Nazi version” of the Normandy invasion is a translated, authentic German newsreel. The strategy at work here is taken from Frank Capra, who used authentic enemy newsreels and motion picture films in his “Why We Fight” series to provide insight into the Axis. This film, like “Why We Fight”, was intended to make its intended audience — American war workers to whom these types of incentive films were shown —outraged, helping them focus on the vital task of production.

The film shows the considerable German coastal defenses at Normandy, and the organized, efficient, and effective resistance they offered on the beaches at 2:00. At 2:29, the pre-dawn aerial attacks by the Allies are met with heavy gunfire. At 3:20, Allied ships encounter barrage mines and light German naval units enter the battle. At 4:48, heavy German artillery enters the battle and makes direct strikes on the invasion fleet. At 5:30 coastal defense are seen including pillboxes and anti-personnel barbed wire and emplacements. At 6:00, SS troops oppose a landing with flame throwing weapons. At 6:22, wrecked landing craft are shown. At 8:11, U.S. Airborne troops who are now prisoner are shown. At 9:20, wrecked WACO gliders are shown as well as Canadian prisoners. At 10:30 the battle continues at Cairns, with heavy bombing by aircraft opposed by railroad-mounted AA guns. At 12:00, civilians are shown fleeing the Allied invasion, as German armored divisions with tanks move forward. A wrecked Canadian Sherman tank is seen at 13:40. In short, the “German version of Invasion” portrays the German Army in the aftermath of D-Day, apparently winning many battles and turning the tide of war in favor of the Wehrmacht. The film also illustrates how Germany believes it is far from beaten. A unique look at the war from the other side!

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