This color educational film from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is about the construction of a coal burning plant in Paradise, KY. Known as the Paradise Fossil Plant, it operated from 1963 through 2017. The film was copyright in 1964.

Opening: Fire, water, they make steam. Title: Tennessee Valley Authority presents “Power From Paradise” (:08-:51). Power lines. A woman plus in a device. A cow is being milked, aerial factory shot. Aerial field. Western Kentucky, the Green River. Paradise, KY, men sit outside a mom & pop shoppe. A dam, water comes down the walls into a river. A barge on a river. Electric power station. Tractor. A forest. Factory aerial shot. Transformer on a pole (:52-2:59). Smoke stacks give off smoke at a factory. Map of TN, AL, GA, NC, VA, KY and MS. Transmission lines connect the stations on the map. Coal burning steam plants are shown on the map. Nighttime city shots. A coal field. Men at work on the field (3:00-4:50). Bulldozers mow down trees. A man uses a jackhammer. The ground is blown up. Men look at a map and point. Trucks move in. Bulldozers go across muddy dirt. Earth and rock are removed. Bulldozers assist. Coal is mined and moved by crane (4:51-6:25). Cars go down a dirt road. Men work on a pipe. Snow on the ground as men head to work. A building is built to house the offices. Men weld. Men cut steel and sheet metal (6:26-7:22). Concrete mixing plant. A truck pulls in, a man turns a knob in a control room. A crane set on a gantry. Men set concrete. Construction equipment pieces a building together. A building is being set up with steel girders (7:23-9:20). A railcar brings in some pieces. Steel girders are lifted by a crane. Men leave the worksite. Paradise, KY building. A man lays bricks. Giant chimneys. Men build the chimneys. A worker uses a communication device (9:21-11:31). Aerial shot over the high chimneys. Dirt is moved and scooped up. Inside a tunnel. A man climbs a ladder inside the construction. Dredging is done on a channel. A skimmer wall is built. Pre-cast concrete beams are laid (11:32-13:56). A truck backs up and dumps rock into the water. Inside of the construction. A boiler is being built. Workers use wrenches. Furnace walls are membrane constructed. Men pull pipes and sections (13:57-16:08). Workers climb a ladder. Boiler tubing. A man checks the boiler. Flash evaporators. Pressure system being worked on. Tubing for the steam lifted by a crane. Welders work in shifts round the clock. Steam lines must be insulated. Burners. Water comes out of a pipe. Men weld (16:09-18:58). A crane lifts steel. A low pressure stator is brought in on a railcar. Turbo generators. Low pressure rotor. Turbine blades (18:59-21:05). Men check alignment. Inside the turbine engine. Construction continues inside. Coal is brought by special trucks. Hoppers receive the coal. Coal goes down a conveyor belt. Coal is carried away for storage. Trucks move the coal. Standpipes will deal with the live piles of coal. Man in a control room (21:06-25:45). Coal goes up a conveyor belt. A man moves a steel sheet. Exterior of the plant. Main power transformers are set up (25:46-27:41). In case of fire, water spray is tested. Circuit breakers are also installed as a safety device. High voltage wires. Porcelain insulators are installed. Men work on the wires (27:42-29:21). Power lines. Inside the main control room. Men look at the wall. A worker sets up wiring. Plans are looked at. A worker sits and looks at the numbers and buttons. Control panel. A man looks at the control room. Exterior of the plant. High chimneys. Exterior of completed plant (29:22-31:54). End credits (31:55-32:03).

TVA’s Paradise Fossil Plant was located in western Kentucky on the Green River near the village of Paradise. The plant had three units and three large natural-draft cooling towers. Paradise was TVA’s only coal-fired plant with cooling towers, which are typically seen at nuclear plants. Units 1 and 2 went on-line in 1963 and at the time, they were the largest operating units in the world. A third unit became operational in 1970. Units 1 and 2 were retired in 2017, and Paradise Unit 3 in 2020, effectively closing the plant. TVA invested approximately $1 billion to build a gas-fired plant to replace Paradise; it opened in April of 2017.

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