This is a 1950s, black and white film produced by the U.S. Army . The film’s purpose is to show G.I.s simple first aid techniques to apply before proper medical aid can be administered. Several scenarios are shown including snake bite, chemical burn, poisoning, drowning, and more. The film opens with the image of the caduceus as a symbol of medicine. The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often-winged staff. Across the image reads, “as a soldier, you may be called upon to perform duties that may threaten your health… Or even your life. Medical personnel may not always be immediately available. It is up to you to know the fundamentals of first-aid which you can apply to yourself or to others… whether you’re at home, in garrison or in the field.” Three soldiers sit in the field as a rattlesnake approaches 1:00. One of the soldiers has been bit on the arm. The snake is killed for later identification. The two other soldiers keep the man calm 2:00. A soldier opens a first-aid kit and a tourniquet is applied 2:25. The iodine applicator is opened and iodine applied to the wound 2:40. The lancet blade is disinfected with a flame 2:46. Two incisions are made under both fang marks 3:07. A truck arrives and the man is loaded on to get to medical attention 3:50. The dead snake is brought along 4:15. The poison is sucked out with the suction pump in the first-aid kit 4:35. An ammonia inhalant is crushed to keep the victim alert 5:30. There are other kinds of poisons and a soldier accidentally drinks poison accidentally, from his footlocker 6:02. Soldier helps him to the bathroom 6:20. Soldiers sent to retrieve some salt and the soldier drinks as much lukewarm water as he can 6:43. Salt water is prepared 7:00. The man drinks all the water 7:15. He sticks his fingers down his throat to induce vomiting and bring up the poison 7:30. The poison bottle is brought along so the doctors can identify the substance 7:43. Soldiers crawl on their stomachs and encounter poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac 8:15. Infected man starts scratching his face and a soldier stops him 8:55. The man washes vigorously with soap and water 9:38. Clothes are washed 9:53. Burning these plans can be dangerous as the poison is in the smoke 10:11. If inflicted with smoke and poison, you need and eye wash 10:20. Chemicals are splashed into a soldier’s eyes. He needs an emergency eye wash 10:45. If an insect enters the eye pull the eyelid out in the tears should wash out the object 11:15. Using a stick, the eyelid is rolled back 11:35. If the object in the eye is hard, a blindfold should be used to restrict total eye movement 12:08. A man gets something caught in his nose; he is encouraged to blow his nose briskly 12:40. A bug gets into a soldier’s ear and a flashlight is used to attract the insect to the outer surface. Flushing it with water is tried, 13:40. Man chokes on some food. A soldier gets a splinter from a wooden box 14:45. Man sterilizes a needle 15:22. The wound is covered 15:45. A blister is treated with soap and hot water and punctured with a sterilized needle 16:10. Man has abdominal pain 16:40. Man faints to the floor 17:20. His clothes are loosened 17:45. Cold water is applied to his head 18:10. He needs to be kept warm. A drowning man is retrieved from the water 19:00. Back pressure-arm lift method of artificial respiration is applied 19:45. The man comes to 21:30. Carbon monoxide in a closed garage 21:45. Man gets dizzy 21:57. He’s unconscious 22:30. He is moved into the fresh air 22:45. The man is rolled over safely 23:10. Back pressure-arm lift method of artificial respiration is applied 23:35. Lightning or contact with a live wire can knock a man out. Man is down and is pulled off a live wire with a non-conducting, foreign object 24:40. Back pressure-arm lift method of artificial respiration is applied 25:10. He is kept warm to reduce the chance of shock 25:15. Review of first aid methods featured in the movie 26:20. Soldiers at attention 27:00. The end. T. F. 8 2293.

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