This Yesterday’s Newsreel film (episode 46) offers the viewer “television highlights of the news of yesteryear” by providing vintage clips of famous people and events from the first half of the 20th century. The episode begins with a look at the life of Calvin Coolidge. The newsreel shows footage of Plymouth, Vermont and the country store where Coolidge was born. It also shows the North Hampton law offices where he practiced. Coolidge poses with his wife and two sons. Soldiers returning home from World War I protest a lack of work (01:46). Boston police walk out on strike (02:10); the state militia enters Boston and Coolidge claims a major victory. Coolidge is shown voting for Warren Harding in the 1920 presidential elections (02:43). That is followed by footage of Harding’s funeral and Coolidge’s inauguration (03:27). Coolidge presents Charles Lindbergh with the first Distinguished Flying Cross. In South Dakota, Coolidge is greeted by Native Americans. The segment ends with clips from Coolidge’s funeral procession (04:33). The next segment shows Illinois dairy workers striking in 1933 and dumping out milk as they protest. The episode’s “Personalities” segment features Bernard M. Baruch on the Olympia on his way to Europe (06:14), Mae Wilson as she is presented with an award by Lionel Barrymore, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. playing tennis in Paris after signing his first acting deal (07:02). The next segment takes viewers to 1912 New York City where firefighters attempt to fight a blaze on lower Broadway in freezing temperatures. Producer Earl Carroll observes women auditioning for his latest Broadway performance in 1924 (08:48). Next, viewers see the successful 1928 landing of the dirigible Los Angeles on the carrier Saratoga in the first attempt to land a dirigible at sea. “Fashions of the Day” shows off the fur capes and coats popular in 1914. In the final segment, Virginia Van Wie beats Helen Hicks in the 1933 U.S. Women’s Amateur at Exmoor Country Club in Highland Park, IL (11:20), and, in men’s basketball, the University of Pittsburg takes on Louisiana State University in Atlantic City in 1935 (12:01).

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