Pricing & Delivery

How much do viewers cost?

  • Absolutely nothing!  Just register, search and download.
  • These viewers are high quality and will look good in your offline cut.

How much does Periscope Film charge for licensing?

  • We charge by the second based on the time shots are used in your show.
  • We are very competitively priced compared to standard industry rates and usually will beat those prices.
  • We do no charge lab fees.*
  • We give discounts for larger orders.
  • We deliver all release forms for you to get all your insurance needs met.
  • We have different rates based on use.  ie. Museums have different rates than TV documentaries.
  • We are happy to work with projects of all sizes.  Please contact us.

How long does it take to get my clean footage?

  • We promise in it in 48 hours, but usually its within 24 or even less.

How do you deliver clean footage?  Do I need a courier?

  • No, we post on the internet on a secure link that you can download. However, if you require other methods, we can accommodate those as well.

Is your footage just up-rezed SD video?  

  • NO!!  We rescan films from film to True HD.  That is film that is transferred to 1920×1080 at 23.98 frames a second.  So no uprezing here.**

What Format/Frame rated do I get from Periscope Film?

  • Quicktime Files in Apple Pro-Res HQ.
  • Size 920 x 1080
  • True HD Film Frame rate is 23.98. (I know its 24 but if you really want to talk tech, email us we will chat.  Just know HD Blu-ray is 23.98 so you are getting the best there is.)  One frame of film for every frame of video.  No pull down frames (fake frames) to get your show rejected for technical  issues.  For those of you cutting in 1080i 59.94/29.97 projects, your editing system will handle adding the correct extra frames.



* Our system is very simple for film makers and clients.  Download high quality footage, cut shots into your project, and then when you have locked picture, order by using the Film ID and time code burned into every Quicktime.  This process is easy for our editors and producers and allows us to keep lab costs down passing those savings right to you.    However, in rare instances, such as problematic ordering requests,  we reserve the right to charge a lab fees.  We promise to speak to you first before doing any work that we might charge for.


**99.5% of our Quicktime digital files are backed by real film that is available in re-scaned True HD.   However as films age, some them deteriorate to such a point that they can longer be re-transferred or the the SD version blown up is simply a better looking option.  In these rare instances, where we feel a previous SD version is better quality than the HD version, we will send both and let you choose the best looking option.