This PSA-style film from 1980 titled “First Aid On The Spot Fourth Edition” was procured by Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation of Chicago, Illinois to underscore the importance of knowing how to give fast and effective first aid to someone in need. Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation collaborated with Vera Markovin, M.D. now former-chief division of emergency medicine at the University of Illinois and Lt. Dale Collier now former- Paramedic Coordinator of the Palatine Fire Department. Produced by William Kay and Ulf Bäckström, the film highlights different examples of when first aid might be needed and how to treat those specific injuries. Encyclopædia Britannica Films (also named EB Films for short) was the top producer and distributor of education 16mm films and later VHS video cassettes for schools and libraries from the 1940s through the 1990s (by which time the internet replaced video as a primary source for educational media).

Opening credits (0:11). Opening scene of young boys skateboarding along a wooded area (0:27). One kid falls and his friend brings a first aid box to him (0:43). How to treat a cut finger: boy and his sister slice veggies in their kitchen (0:59-2:24). Animation of body’s response to getting cut – blood cells at work (1:13). Cells under microscope (1:35). How to treat a burn: girl touches candles on her birthday cake (2:32). Workplace injuries: iron welding shop (3:09). Chemical burns: chemistry lab at school (3:52). Gymnasium injuries: twisted ankle and broken arm (4:14). Role of EMTs/ Paramedics (5:05). Consuming poison: eating wild berries (6:04). Close-up of PokeWeed berries (6:06). Mother calls the local poison control center or hospital emergency room (6:39). Emergency medical technician teaching students how to give first aid (7:40). Closing credits (8:28).

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