This 1970’s era, black and white/color film recounts the beginning of the Ford Motor Company. The movie opens with a horse pulling a cart. The American Road, and MPO Production, New York City. Music composed and conducted by, Alex North. Script by, Joseph March. Re-created scenes directed by, George Stoney. Narrated by Raymond Massey. A wagon wheel rolls through the mud. A couple sit in a horse and buggy 1:15. A man and a woman tend to the household chores as the buggy passes 2:15. The buggy passes the old schoolhouse with children playing 2:27. The couple passes the doctor’s house. The doctor leaves his house and gets in his buggy 3:00. The couple arrive at the train station and are greeted by the trainman 3:35. The trainman puts a ticket on the couple’s trunk 3:58. Man looks down the long railroad tracks 4:18. Cut to older footage (1920’s) of hectic and bustling scenes from the city 4:26. Horse and buggies fill the streets and streetcars zip up and down the road 4:45. Firemen jump out of bed and slide down the pole into their horse drawn fire engines 5:00. The fire engines speed down the road 5:12. Summer in the city. Vegetables and people wilt in the blazing sun 5:22. Elevated train and an oyster truck passes by 5:36. The baseball park uptown 5:40. Roller coasters on the ocean 5:53. Water rides and camels to ride 6:04. Beachgoers frolic on the shore 6:09. City kids open a fire hydrant to cool off 6:15. Men and women ride bicycles 6:30. Man’s bicycle falls in the dirt 6:58. Bicycle wheel is shown on Henry Ford’s Quadricycle 7:30. Henry Ford test drives his Quadricycle at approximately 4:00 a.m. on June 4, 1896, in the shed behind his home on Bagley Avenue in Detroit 8:16. Two men test driving an early automobile 9:25. The Sail Wagon, built like an ice boat on wheels, is test driven in the desert 9:41. Henry Ford works on the gasoline engine and puts it in a racing car called 999 10:22. On October 25, 1922, Barney Oldfield set a world record by going 60 miles an hour on a circular track in the 999 10:53. Horse and carriages mixed with cars in 1903 11:12. The Model A car, 1927 11:33. Driver cranks up the Model A 12:14. Farmer watches a car go by his farm 12:42. The Model T is introduced to the farmer 13:24. Henry Ford works on advertisements and tries to lower the price of the Model T. Cars were originally built on wooden sawhorses 14:22. Assembly-line production starts to develop 14:50. Workers have specific tasks 16:00. Sub assembly lines emerge 15:16. Parts are fed to workmen by gravity slides 16:32. Conveyor belts are introduced and work speeds normalize 16:49. Cars are produced at the rate of one every 40 seconds on the assembly line 17:27. Model T’s come off the line 17:4747. A Sunday drive 18:34. Cars meet head-to-head on the road 19:10. Man is stuck in the mud 19:40. Man and machines work to improve roads 19:50. Man reads road signs 20:55. A man gets directions from a motorist 21:33. Dr. arrives at a patient in a Model T 2:03. Filling stations pop up everywhere 22:20. Model T on a winding road 22:32. A bear is fed from a Model T in the park 23:01. People camp and women pick flowers 23:20. A family picnics on the beach 23:38. Children run on the beach 23:45. The Model T runs through a river, mud and snow 24:25. Policeman try to stop the Model T 24:52. The Model T struggles to get up a hill 25:16. Comedy film shows the resilience of the Model T 25:37. Model T and the industrial revolution 26:00. The Ford family album 26:35. Henry Ford walks to the camera 26:41. Ford works with steam engine and tractor 27:24. Ford’s son Edsel sets out on a trip 28:01. Ford drives the Quadricycle 29:00. Camping with Firestone, Burroughs and Edison 29:22. Burroughs drives a Model T 30:15. Ford and son walk the plant 30:51. Photograph of Henry Ford 31:10. Cars fill the streets 31:30. The Lincoln is created 32:05. 15 millionth Model T is produced and discontinued 32:30. A car is demolished in a machine 33:00. Scenes from the 1920s 33:45. Scenes from the depression, 1930s 34:10. Footage from World War I 34:50. The atomic bomb explodes 35:02. Cut to modern cars and highways 35:45. A tractor, a van and a sports car take to the roads 36:25. Workers drive to work 36:50. The modern American road 37:45. Ford.

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