99384 South America

This is a 1960’s era color movie promoting travel in South America. The American Express look flashed and Pan Am is the featured airline in the film. The film visits Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and the rest of South America is featured as a beautiful destination to visit. The movie opens with a woman and a boy holding hands in front of a large mountain in South America. Invitation to South America. Bogotá Columbia. Buildings in the style of colonial Spain 1:00. Beautiful courtyard 1:07. Large office buildings and fountain 1:12. Businessmen walk downtown dressed in an English style 1:30. A man serenades his girl with guitar 1:55. Elegant restaurants, 2:40. The chef prepares food at the table 2:57. A jet airplane lands in Quito Ecuador 3:21. The town square in Quito 3:55. The Otavalo Indians are the indigenous people of Ecuador. A group of indigenous people sing in the square 4:25. Baroque colonial churches 5:00. Vivid statues in the church 5:24. Downtown Quito 5:48. Silver and antique shops 6:00. Handwoven rugs 6:16. The Colorado tribe of Indians have unique grooming habits 6:51. They dye their hair with the juice of berries and comb it straight down over their heads 7:05. Visitors are welcome 7:25. Santo Domingo de los Colorados 7:45. Llamas walk in unison in Peru 8:07. The Inca city of Cuzco 8:34. Ruins of an old Inca fortress. Indigenous people dance at Sacsayhuaman 9:09. Native Indian markets 10:08. Indians of the high Andes respect their glorious Inca heritage 11:06. Incan ruins at Machu Picchu 11:37. Llamas graze in the ruins 11:52. Lake Titicaca, 2 miles high 12:14. The Aymara people on boats 12:19. Excellent fishing on the lake 12:53. The Altiplano or “high plane” of Bolivia 13:11. Cattle and hogs are tended to on the plains 13:25. Men ride horses across the plains 13:52. The land of the gauchos. Men rope cattle with lassos 14:15. The Argentinian asado, men play guitar by the open fire with grilled meats 14:50. Large sailboats on the Rio de La Plata 15:53. A view of the capital city from the water; Buenos Aires 16:15. The capital city is explored 16:30. Horse-drawn buggy 16:48. Obelisk in the center of the road 17:05 the shopping streets of Buenos Aires 17:30. Incredible bargains on fine alligator skin products 17:54. Handbags are produced by craftsmen 18:18. Buenos Aires is the fashion capital of South America, models appear wearing furs 18:40. Nightlife is busy in Buenos Aires dancing the tango 19:10. The world-famous ballet company 20:00. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 20:55. Surfers on Ipanema beach 21:20. Pan Am takes off from Brazil 21:53. El Cristo 22:16. Brazil is larger than the mainland United States; indigenous people swim in the Amazon 22:40. Brasília, the science-fiction city 23:04. The precious stones of Brazil are numerous and are worked into beautiful jewelry 24:15. The famous carnival of Brazil with music and dancing in the streets 24:43. The samba schools fill the streets at night 25:50. Contests for the most outrageous costumes are held 26:10. Dancing continues well into the early hours of the morning 26:50. Men and women dance in outrageous and beautiful costumes 27:37. The morning after carnival rises gently on the beaches of Ipanema 28:23. Revelers walk on the lonely beach 28:55. Cameraman, Henry Javorsky.

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