This black and white film is one of a 1950-1960 television series Industry on Parade, produced by the National Association of Manufacturers; an Arthur Lodge Productions Inc. This episode has two segments. Nearest Thing to Nothing. Different types of vacuums are shown: A glass stovetop vacuum coffee maker; a1950s upright vacuum carpet sweeper is used over floral carpet; a worker plugs a vacuum hose into the floor and sweeps; men handling toxic materials wear respirators as loose materials are sucked up into a hood; and a leak detection meter and large vacuum machines used in the atomic energy program (:40-2:42). Vacuums extract the water used to create pulp. A stream of re-liquified pulp flows past. Large rolls of paper are shown. Paper plates are made as the molds dip into the pulp and a plate is stamped (2:43-4:33). Stokes in Philadelphia makes freeze-drying equipment. Conveyer lines of filled metal containers and glass bottles zig-zag past (4:34-6:16). A brick pattern is applied to plastic using a vacuum. Plastic relief maps are created (6:17-7:32). Liquid is poured into cups out of a metal thermos (7:33-8:00). X-ray tubes are manufactured and inserted into a test television. Aluminum is vacuum-applied to create camera lenses. Metalized paper is created in a vacuum chamber (8:01-10:25). A germanium crystal is used to create transistors. The slow-motion camera shows the melting ingot in the furnace and how the vacuum draws impurities off. Honeycomb steel is combined and brazed in a vacuum furnace (10:26-12:20). A man wearing a space suit climbs into a vacuum chamber. Scientists turn knobs and dials to peer in at the astronaut face through the helmet (12:21-13:05). Leveling Peaks to Fill Valleys. Fish on a conveyer belt have their heads and tails cut off. Frozen fish are cut into smaller pieces. Fish sticks are precooked and fried before being weighed, packaged, and frozen (13:58-16:05). Workers in a chocolate factory package Hershey bars (16:06-16:30) Basic Vegetable Products Inc. workers sort wide conveyer belts full of onions headed to be dehydrated (16:31-17:09). Christmas trees (Northern Spruce) are unloaded onto conveyer belts at Halvorson Trees Inc. in Duluth, coated in wax, and sealed onto metal stands with artificial sap added. A man sits on a specialized sled and plants trees (17:10-18:54). Ansco film containers move on a conveyer belt (18:55-19:33). The bulk carrier Detroit Edison is launched. Heavy machinery schematic blueprints are shown up-close. Home freezers and refrigerators are assembled (19:34-21:37). A female worker at the Louisville Logan Company bends pipe for summer furniture, which is then hand spray-painted. A female worker welds rivets on fireplace metal (21:38-22:46). A 1957-58 planning board is full of strips of paper. Color tape is applied to a floor map to represent equipment. New machinery is moved through a full factory floor (22:47-23:58). M&R Dietetic Laboratories, Sturgis, MI, manufactures dehydrated milk and cream. Ice cream bars are shown being made and packaged at a Borden’s plant. A woman puts a coin in a milk carton vending machine (23:59-26:25).

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