85654 The Eagles Fleet

This black & white educational film is a Government information film on the work and training of the members of the British Navy. Copyright 1950.

Opening titles: Crown Film Unit – EAGLES OF THE FLEET (:08-:34). Sailboats on the ocean. RAF planes fly over ships. Battleships at sea. Naval Air Station. Men and women at work in a naval station. Pilots look. Oil is changed on a plane. Men and women play pool. Men drink pints of beer. A man gets a trim at the barber. A couple gets married. A child. Homes, women walk (:35-2:24). A group of men and women at attention. Commanding officer saluting lower ranked men. Band plays. Men and women march. Rock of Gibraltar. A Royal Navy Ship with men on deck. Carriers sail out onto the Mediterranean Sea. Men play with a plane’s propeller. An Admiral and his men look over maps. The men smoke (2:25-4:08). On the flight deck, planes are rolled out and getting prepared to go. Pilots below deck get their orders and move fast. Pilots climb into their cockpits. Propellers start. The ship sails on and planes begin taking off. Planes fly into the air, one after the other (4:09-6:04). Enemy cruiser is seen. The planes fire at the ship and the ship’s guns fire back. Men on the carrier relax, rest, eat. Men below deck review the radars. On deck, a plane comes in to land. One after the other, the planes come in and land. The planes get hooked when they land. Quickly, they are unhooked and moved (6:05-8:12). Men signal the planes and tell the planes where to go and when to shut off. A plane lands and crashes down on it’s left side, the wheel is damaged. Men race to assist. The last few planes return. A sunset seen from the deck. The flag of the Union Jack. Men look out at sea. Planes in the air and ships at sea. A plane does a quick maneuver (8:13-9:53). End credits (9:54-10:01).

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