This jet era Pan Am Airlines film shows the 49th State, Alaska.

At mark 1:30, this is Alaska. This film is about people of Alaska, the land and their way of life. It is a land not easy to know for it is a land of contrast and paradox. The great silent glaciers move slowly to 3000ft deep. The climate is temperate yet everywhere there is the snow and the ice as seen at mark 2:55. Alaska is a land where spring moves side by side with winter and each year in the water life begins anew. At mark 3:40 is the Eskimo who were the pioneer, the Indian at mark 3:50 and so many more who are part of Alaska future. At mark 4:32, an Eskimo is telling his story about the land Alaska. He is an officer of the church and as a boy; he followed the polar bear and the fox. He talks about the civilization that has been undergone by their generation. It will soon be 4th of July where other Eskimos come from different parts to join their countrymen in celebrating their nation’s birth. As seen at mark 6:10, they are celebrating their freedom. At mark6:40, a man is sighted. He tells his own story also. He is seen looking for gold. The soil of the Alaska land is good and this has improved agriculture in their lands. As seen at mark 8:10, a farmer is seen working on his farm with his tractor coupled with a plough. He tells his own story also about the land. Ha talks on sunlight and weather. For some it is search for food while for others, it is search for black gold, Uranium as seen at mark 9:00. A man is seen talking about the Uranium at mark 9:12. He and his friend got themselves maps, and other equipment with a plane and are seen at mark 9:30 prospecting for the mineral. For some people the work is in the great forest. At mark 10:03, a lumberman is seen cutting down trees with his chain saw machine. He tells his own story also about how he had been in the business in Alaska and his love for the work. At mark 10:37 on water we see timbers and planks been transported.

The people of this state are spread across 500,000 sq miles for cities like Ketchikan are a fascinating complex mixture of the old and new. In the early days, the Indian tribes settle in this area because of the abundance of timbers and Zarma. Designs still remain, relics of the past for the face of Alaska takes many forms as seen at mark 11:30. There are also others who are part of Alaska of today. At mark 11:50, a commercial fisherman tells his own story. At mark 12:40, he is seen with his colleagues where they fish for salmons and at mark 13:00, the fishes are been caught. At mark 13:30, a bear is seen hunting for salmons. At mark 14:00, Julno, Alaska capital is seen. Planes are also seen at mark 14:30. A plane pilot also tells his story about the land Alaska. He talks on how they depend on airplane for everything, how industries depended on them also. The airplanes link Alaska with the rest of the North America. At mark 16:44, they fish for the king salmon on a derby day. Travel across the state and there is something for everybody as seen at mark 17:50. At mark 18:00 is white horse, the capital of the Hogan territory, centre of the mining and transport centre. Their river is filled with fishes as seen at mark 18:32. There’s no better place for a hunt than the Hogan. Even bears, moose are seen. Everywhere there are the reminders of the past as seen at mark 19:50. Romance and adventure line the tracks of the Hogan railroad where memorable tourist trips in the world are, as seen at mark 19:20. At mark 20:00, a garden of flower is seen. At mark 20:28, Glacier Bay is seen. The crews of the national park service boat watch and study the massive working of the ice age as a tourist attraction. At mark 21:36 is the fishing spot which is famous in Alaska. Here the fishers test their reels as seen at mark 21:55.

Alaska is a vast rugged ground, a land to remember, a land with much agriculture and wildlife.

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