79324 The Pilot Is Safe

This black & white educational film is a wartime documentary about the procedures in place to rescue a downed pilot. This is copyright 1941.

Opening titles: University of Arizona, Tucson. The Ministry of Information presents The Pilot is Safe, produced with the cooperation of the Royal Navy and Royal AIr Force (:06-:39). British fliers bomb German airbases. Vapor trail in the sky from a British plane. Boats in the harbor are on standby to save the pilots if need be. Soldiers are watching as well to help keep pilots safe. Gun crews, coast guard, and civilians all watch the skies. A man sees a pilot parachuting down. He calls in what he’s seen and the information is relayed. Operations room is contacted and then they relay the news. Boat crews get ready (:40-2:16) The parachuting pilot hits the water. Men race to the their posts. Pilots and seamen get ready. Boat is enroute. A plane takes off, followed by another. Multiple boats head out. Pilot i the water gets into a raft and gets rid of his parachute (2:17-3:37). Three planes search for the pilot. Men look out at the water. Officers discuss the whereabouts of the pilot. A Navy sailor comes in and is handed a piece of paper. Boats look at sea. Men on the boat communicate with one another. Boats move forward (3:38-5:29). A plane in the sky, the pilot studies the water. No sign of the pilot at sea. Suddenly, the raft is seen in the water. The pilot of the plane waves at the pilot in the ocean. The plane turns around. Boats continue to head towards the downed pilot. A Navy man steers the boat. Navy men wear life vests and move around the boat. A man points out the raft on the water (5:30-7:30). The raft is on the water. The boat turns and slows. The pilot in the raft is given a rope and pulled to the side of the boat. The pilot is rescued by the crew. Plane flies in the sky. In a room, men drink with the pilot and listen to the news (7:31-8:48). End credits (8:49-9:00).

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