This black and white film is one of a 1950-1960 television series Industry on Parade, produced by the National Association of Manufacturers. This is a single segment about Americans having not just international, but many domestic places to visit. Passengers deplane from a Pan American Airlines Clipper in Nassau. A couple window-shops plates. A traffic policeman’s uniform includes white gloves. A changing of the guards is shown. The couple walks hand-in-hand from the beach (:14-2:02). The Clipper flies past the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx, and the Golden Gate Bridge (2:03-2:37). At the corner of Market and Powell, a San Francisco cable car picks up passengers. An overhead and front view is shown of Niagara Falls, followed by the Capital Building., Miami Beach, and a convention at Haddon Hall, Atlantic City (2:38-3:30). Manhattan has the UN, Radio City, the Family Group sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art, and pedestrians with umbrellas. A couple dashes into Marsh Tours. She removes her head scarf. They receive tickets from the travel agency. The sign for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is shown, where a man shops for a camera. The woman shops for luggage (3:31-7:15). The Shwayder Bros. luggage plant in Denver is shown. Laboratory researchers work to make suitcases lighter. A woman cuts suitcase pieces on the assembly line and another inserts them. Finished suitcases are attached to overhead conveyer hooks (7:16-8:01). The building signs for Endo Laboratories, Baybank Drug Co., and Endo Pan American Corp are shown. Inside the pharmaceutical laboratory, workers wear face masks. A conveyer machine fills glass vaccine bottles. A needle is filled with fluid, the shoulder cleaned with a cotton swab, and the shot given (8:02-8:34). Inside a dress-making factory, a mannequin has a piece of fabric draped on it. A model has the halter neckline of a top adjusted down. A long piece of plaid fabric is spread out, cut, and stitched (8:35-9:09). A souvenir box is hand-sprayed at the Blair Cedar and Novelty Company in the Ozarks. A shelf displays objects made from cedar (9:10-9:35). A gift basket of flowers, fruits, and confections is put together at Harry and David in Bear Creek, Oregon (9:36-9:58). A man hand-draws a road map at H.M. Gousha Company in San Jose. An early 1950s convertible pulls a 1953 Kom-Pak combined boat and house trailer. The boat roof is removed (9:59-11:24). The highway is full of 1950s cars. A 1950s metallic Greyhound bus pulls into its station. A 1950s passenger train pulls out. A porter shows a woman to her quarters. She carries her gloves and purse, and wears pearls, a blouse with large lapels, and a straw hat. The SS America ocean liner is shown. Inside, a crew radio operator uses an RCA radio telephone to make calls. A connection is made to a switchboard and the table phone rings next to a woman reading in a 1950s armchair. A stopwatch times the call (1:25-12:50). The Clipper is shown flying (12:51-13:03).

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