This 1970 color film by Lockheed is about food service testing on a mockup Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. It is great for showing stewardess outfits and hairstyles from 1970 as different airlines were used in the joint test. A woman receives boarding passes at a table. The empty passenger section is shown. The name pins are shown for stewardesses from Air Canada, Delta, Eastern Airlines, and TWA (:18-1:33). The program control room to watch the test in has closed circuit television sets and a room of executives watch on television monitors. The videotape equipment is shown (1:34-1:52). The galley door opens and food carts are loaded in. An elevator is used to move the food carts to the upper level. Coffee pots are stored into small wall cabinets (2:27-3:55). People of all ages, dressed in 1970s clothing, board the mockup plane. The stewardess has a 1960s beehive hairdo. The passengers find their seats in the cabin (3:56-4:39). Entrees are loaded into the galley freezers and ovens. Carts are locked into place and the holding oven cords plugged in. The liquor carts are loaded with ice (4:40-7:02). A stewardess wearing short white gloves passes out menus to the first-class passengers. The orders are phoned down to the galley. The meat for the first class passengers is loaded into the ovens (7:03-8:10). The stewardess talks into the phone receiver to broadcast the pre-flight message. Another demonstrates the use of the air masks. The galley carts are secured for takeoff. Beverage carts are sent by the elevator to the main cabin. Hot entrees are placed in the food cart holding ovens. The beverage cart is shown up-close as passengers are served drinks (8:11-11:42). The beverage carts are sent back and the food carts sent in the elevator. The stewardess carries food trays to passengers. Others serve food from an aisle cart. A first-class passenger tray full of food served on linen with china is shown, including filet mignon and a shrimp salad. A stewardess offers coffee refills. Another refills wine (12:08-15:52). Finished food trays are picked up, loaded back into carts, and sent to the galley, where they are locked back into place (16:30-18:03). The used galley carts are unloaded from the plane by servicemen. Unused frozen entrees are loaded into a service cart. The galley is scrubbed clean. The passengers stand to leave (18:46-20:05). The empty coach section is shown. A man unloads the larger trays from a first-class cart. A comparison is shown regarding how much more food is served with crystal on the larger tray to an individual. The salad cart is moved in first class. The salad is in a large open dome bowl. Champagne is poured. Frozen food is placed into the galley oven, which is turned on with the doors open at first. A rib roast is cooked and cut on a carving board cart next to the passengers. A dessert cart has a large cake with strawberry toppings is cut and served. Cordials are shown (20:34-25:15).

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