This 1966 black-and-white biography documentary is about Ho Chi Minh, Prime Minister and President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The film is narrated by Walter Cronkite. 1945, the crowd cheers as Ho Chi Minh returns (:08-:33). 1919, a photo shows Ho Chi Minh wearing a derby hat. Additional photos show him at different ages. Vietnam independence documents are signed (:34-1:44). 1965 author Robert Shaplen, “The Lost Revolution” is interviewed (1:45-2:33). 1946 A destroyer shoots at the Port of Haiphong during the Indochina War. Houses in the jungle explode on fire. A group of locals formed by Ho Chi Minh call themselves the Viet Minh. Ho’s headquarters are deep in the jungle. He sits at a strategy meeting with Communist leaders (2:34-3:48). 1953, a newspaper editor details his interview with Ho Chi Minh, as does Colonel Paul Helliwell (3:49-6:18). 1950 Ho Chi Minh talks to his cabinet. French fighter planes fly over what looks like bushes lining a road; troops pop up after it passes. The French dig trenches. Vietnamese soldiers cross a fast-moving river. Camouflaged troops pull a canyon up a steep embankment. Battle of Dien Bien Phy footage is shown, including French troops surrendering (6:19-7:50).1954 Geneva. Correspondent Alexander Kendrick recollects the peace talks. American diplomat John Foster Dulles leaves before the Indochina discussion. The Geneva agreements are signed making North Vietnam independent. His signature is shown on the document (7:51- 9:02). The Black Guard militia march past, as do the People’s Army. Ho Chi Minh works on a water wheel with other farmers. Ho Chi Minh sits in the grass as kindergarten children play around him. Some pull on his beard and he hands out candy (9:03-9:59). Author of “The Two Vietnams” Bernard Fall is interviewed (he would be killed in South Vietnam in 1967.) (10:00-12:00). 1955 Ho Chi Minh waves out an airplane window in Peking. He exuberantly exchanges cheek kisses with Mao Tse Tung and they pose together. Fall is interviewed again (12:32-13:17). The Frieden, Peking Maru, and Tweed Breeze are docked at the Port of Haiphong. Cargo is loaded. Coolies provide labor for construction. A steel plant is panned (13:18-14:52). Ho Chi Minh is greeted by Khrushchev in the Soviet Union and Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia. 1961 Moscow Congress. Shown are Ho Chi Minh, Kadar of Hungary, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev. The Congress is shown in session. Ho dances with high school students (14:53-16:22.) Interviews with scholars discuss Ho Chi Minh’s next actions (16:23-18:05). South Vietnamese Liberation Front (Viet Cong) soldiers are shown in the jungle (18:06-18:29). 1965 American soldiers arrive. Marine Corps VMFA 531 #458 AV08B Harrier jet is shown taking off and dropping bombs as part of a squadron. Anti-aircraft guns shoot at American planes (18:30-19:25). 1965 Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh visits his troops. Russian support fails to materialize. British journalist James Cameron is interviewed about his encounter with a 76-year-old Ho Chi Minh. Author Fall talks again about Ho Chi Minh, shown smiling and talking (19:26-23:55).

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