The Robot Revolution is a short film that discusses the advances in computer and mechanical engineering—specifically in robotics and programming. The film opens with scenes of a robot moving around while a narrator explains how the Industrial Revolution improved many facets of life but also forced people into poverty and poor working conditions. Today’s Technology Revolution is on pace to outstrip the advances of the Industrial Revolution, but some people fear the consequences that come with the advancements. The film examines how intelligent machines (robots and computers) operate within the Technology Revolution. Artificial Intelligence is a program used to make decisions, and robots are being equipped with AI (02:17) to operate at drastically more efficient levels. While AI is an important advancement, it is not comparable to human intelligence and is not a substitute for human intelligence. Intelligent machines take on a variety of roles like diagnosing diseases—such as the cancer diagnosing program used at the University of Chicago (04:08). These machines are able to complete tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a human being. Intelligent computer programs are very important in medicine and research, but the greatest need for these machines is currently in the business and industry sectors. Architecture (05:35) is one such industry, where intelligent machines improve the quality and speed of work by helping with building design. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is now becoming a common fixture in architecture firms throughout the world. However, when most people think of intelligent machines, they think of robots. Robots are uniquely adaptable, unlike automated assembly lines. An engineer programs a robot to perform a complex series of movements (07:44) by identifying and entering points into a computer to store and run the full sequence. Some critics project that millions of people will lose their jobs because of the advancements in robotics; however, others understand the benefits of intelligent machines and their ability to actually increase jobs. One benefit is having robots take over jobs that are particularly dangerous to people. The jobs most endanger of being taken over are ones that have repetitive tasks. While fear of robots can run deep in our society, many younger people are exposed to computers (13:08) and have a positive perception. As the public’s overall perception of intelligent machines changes, more and more people will take advantage of the technology until everyone will be using intelligent machines as tools. Tools are an inevitable part of human progression, and computers/intelligent machines are simply tools that function as “an extension of the human mind.”

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