The Hong Kong Tourist Association presents “Destination Hong Kong,” a 1960s color picture from Dudley Productions Limited. Considered “the crossroads of the Orient,” the narrator explains how its harbors regularly receives goods and people from the all the world’s continents. Mark 01:09 reveals a boatful of tourists watching ships unload before returning focus to the business activities of the seaport “whose main reason for existence is the worldwide import and export of merchandise.” Banking is also a key segment of Hong Kong (mark 02:05) as is tourism. The film takes the viewer to Kai Tak international airport starting at mark 02:38 as tourists exit aircraft as well as ocean liners at the nearby dock. We watch as tourists visit a currency exchange (mark 03:27) before delving into Hong Kong culture and an explanation of Hong Kong’s geography (mark 05:30). The camera takes the viewer through the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong streets as well-dressed businessmen and women make their way to work. At mark 07:24 we visit the city of Victoria and architecture that varies from traditional to buildings with a Western influence. Contrasts continue as the film takes the viewer from local markets to high-end stores. Mark 12:00 takes us to the Happy Valley Racecourse (a popular tourist destination) followed by a look at Repulse Bay in the southern part of Hong Kong Island where we see a traditional Chinese lion dance. The film tells of life on aboard a sampan boat starting at mark 15:00 and then visit the urbanized Kowloon (mark 17:50) as the camera shows us “wonderful shops and fine hotels.” Hong Kong is also a place to learn, the narrator explains starting at mark 19:00, as we take a look inside a typical classroom before turning to nightlife, including a trip to a Chinese opera and a look at the annual sea festival and Dragon Boat Race in the town of Aberdeen (mark 22:45).

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