On the Far Eastern Station is a black and white film, copyright 1934, about the United States Asiatic Fleet which was based in the Philippines. The U.S. Asiatic Fleet was a Navy fleet active during the first half of the 20th century, basically 1910-1942, and was created to patrol the Philippine Islands prior to WWII.

Ariel view of the Philippine Islands and Lake Tahoe, Philippines (0:39-1:40). Spanish influences on Manila, Philippines (1:41-1:51). The sailors go ashore for leave. Philippine carriage ride (1:57-2:07). Buying souvenirs from native women (2:08-2:15). There are many women walking the streets of Manila with baskets on their backs (2:16-2:27). A woman smoking a cigar (2:28-2:34). An Old Spanish fort (2:35-3:01). A Native Filipino wedding (3:02-3:16). A Kulintang type Chinese instrument (3:17-3:20). A Gandingan type instrument (3:33-3:34). A Bride dance (3:35-3:41). Food preparation (3:42-3:50). The bride and groom carried off on musician’s sholders (3:51-4:02). The guests eating (4:03-4:20). A Philippine baseball game (4:30-5:00). Philippine Scouts, a military organization of the U. S. Army from 1901 to1948, on parade (5:14-5:58). Horse Gig racing (6:06-6:46). Foot tennis (6:59-7:32). Boating through the rapids in dugout canoes (7:42-8:43). They take a cruise to the Orient. In area of Hong Kong they see Chinese Junks (9:01-9:59). Canton, capital of South China. Floating city of Chinese Sampan Junks (10:12-10:51). American Gun boat on patrol (10:22-10:24). Walking department store (11:01-11:08). Traditional Chinese Wedding sedan chair for carrying a bride (11:09-11:22). Chinese theatre (11:23-12:22). Sailor in a sedan chair (12:23-12:26). They cruise on to Shanghai (12:38-12:45). Boats on the Whangpoo River, now called the Huangpu River: Junks, and sampans (12:46-13:20). The city of Shanghai (13:27-13:53). Take a Rickshaw ride through the streets (13:57-14:35). Policeman from India (14:42-14:45). Hard working Chinese (14:52-15:06). Bird market for those who love birds (15:07-15:16). A Juggler performs for the crowd (15:25-15:38). A sidewalk peep show (15:42-15:47). Rickshaws on the streets (15:51-15:56). Pretty Chinese girls (15:57-16:10). A teahouse, a place for social gatherings (16:13-16:25). Learning to use chopsticks (16:27-16:30). Horse race day (16:48-17:31). A Sampan in the Whangpoo River (17:47-17:52).

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