Directed by Manuel J. Perez, photographed by Conrad Buff and edited by Jerry Hartelban, this U.S. Navy film “A Time to Speak, A Time to Listen” was created to showcase the Navy’s efforts to recruit minorities, especially African Americans, into the service. It features Lieutenant Commander Melvin Patridge, the Navy’s director of the Office of Information’s Minority Affairs Division, and other naval officers describing the office’s mission of communicating the nature of the “changing Navy” to both civilian and military audiences.

00:07College student debates US Navy officer as woman and man watch. 00:55 Lieutenant Commander Norm Johnson walks through parking lot. 01:03 Johnson walks into building. 01:11 “The United States Navy presents” 01:16 “A TIME TO SPEAK A Time to Listen” title card. This film focuses on Navy minority recruitment efforts to counter the image of the Navy as a primarily white organization. Emphasis is particularly placed on the African American community. The film primarily features Black college students debating Black Naval officers and promotes the Navy as an equal opportunity employer.

01:28 Johnson, seated in office, speaks. Map of USA on wall. 02:25 Exterior: Pentagon. 02:30 Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Civil Rights L. Howard Bennett speaks in office. 03:28 Lieutenant Commander M.E. Partridge (Director of Minority Affairs) speaks inside office. 03:54 Sailor “Johnson” speaks with Navy officer. 04:43 Captain T.D. Rarham speaks outside. 05:36 Lit. Commander Johnson discusses Executive Order No. 9981. 06:11 Bennett speaks. 06:30 Uniformed Navy officers (white and black) walk together outside dining hall building of a predominantly black college. 06:35 Officers approach group of Black students and enter building. 06:57 Officer speaks into microphone at podium. 07:36 Students play basketball on indoor court. 07:43 Students seated in bleachers listen to Navy recruiter. 08:19 Zoom of recruiter speaking. 08:30 Recruiter speaks. Silhouette of students listening to him. 08:48 Recruiter speaks while driving car. He mentioned being called an “Uncle Tom”, a derogatory epithet used against Black people, particularly men. 09:38 Student questions LCDR Johnson. He responds as camera goes into close up of him. 10:30 Johnson speaks. Woman listens in background. 11:05 Johnson speaks to group of black students. White officer watches and smokes cigarette in background. 11:11 Close up of student in sunglasses listening. Zoom out to Johnson speaking to three black men. Two wear red hats marked Kappa Alpha Psi (a historically African American fraternity founded in 1911) hats. 11:23 Johnson speaks. Students walk by in background. 11:50 Lieutenant Commander Edward Seacrest walks through park at US Naval Academy. 11:55 Close up of Seacrest walking. 12:02 Seacrest ascends stairs to building. 12:06 Seacrest speaks from inside classroom. 13:45 LCDR Johnson close up. Zoom out. Two women listen. 14:39 Student speaking close up. 14:57 Johnson speaks to student. Three women listen. 15:18 Circle of students around Johnson. Zoom to close up on Johnson. 16:16 Circle of students and Johnson. 17:13 L. Howard Bennett speaks from office. 18:07 LCDR Seacrest speaks from desk in classroom. 19:07 LCDR Johnson sits in living room with wife and daughter. Diploma framed on wall. 19:29 Mrs. Johnson speaks as daughter looks to camera. 20:01 Family sits in living room. 20:08 LCDR Johnson sits with daughter and discusses economics of discrimination and segregation. 21:06 Recruitment offices speaks inside car. 21:48 Naval Academy students (midshipmen) walk in courtyard on US Naval Academy Campus. 21:53 Naval Academy students (all-white) walk along path. 21:57 Midshipman Anthony Watson, one of 26 Black students, speaks to camera. 23:07 Close up: college student speaking. 23:26 LCDR Johnson speaks. 23:33 Student speaks with Johnson in busy hallway as female students listen. 23:56 Three students talk with Johnson. 24:20 Johnson listens to students. Camera zooms in on Black female. 24:37 Johnson animatedly talks to circle of students. 24:39 Student in glasses stands. 24:42 Student in sunglasses listens. 24:46 Johnson speaks. 24:50 Student speaks. 25:00 Students listen. 25:12 Johnson stands in office speaking with white Naval Officer seated at desk. 25:32 Johnson leaves office. 25:35 Johnson walks down hallway through office space. Produced by the Chief of Information at the Naval Photographic Center MN 10840.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com

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