26934 1960s PAN AM AIRLINES MANILA PHILIPPINES TRAVELOGUE MOVIE Print 2 (see 61964 for English Version)

Presented in Italian the color film, “Pan AM the Philippines”, is a documentary about the culture of the Philippines. It is part of a series of films put out by Pan AM called “Pan AM’s 1960’s and 70’s Travel Films: Visit 11 Places, in 7 Languages” commissioned to be done by New Horizons, for the movie making, and Movietonews, Inc., to assembled the footage and audio. Editorial director: Harry L. Coleman. Narrator: Ed Stokes.

The video opens with views of the Philippines (0:08-0:29). Credits (0:30-0:54). A Pan AM Boeing 707, Clipper Black Hawk, airline is shown outside and inside the plane (0:55-1:10). Looking out the window you see Manila (1:11-1:24). Then is shown views of Manila (1:25-1:42). Also seen are city streets, and transportation, including the Jeepneys (1:43-2:31). Views of Manila’s destruction caused by war are shown (2:32-2:56). There are then shown scenes of Rizal Monument, Rizal Park, Manila with close-ups of Jose Rizal (2:57-3:11) as well as highlights of the Philippine Military Academy, Baguio, established 1936, Philippines West Point (3:13-3:39). Then seen is a view of Melchor Hall (3:17-3:19) and Cadets marching (3:20-3:39). Panoramic view of the Island of Corregidor, a National Shrine of World War II (3:40-4:27) can be seen. Zamboanga, with its Plaza Rizal and City Hall, is the city of flowers and beautiful water (4:28-5:01). Brightly colored sails on sail boats, or Paraw, influenced by their Muslim, or Moros, beliefs are seen cruising the water (5:03-5:15). They dive from these paraw to harvest conch shells, oysters, and coral (5:16-5:31). Huts on stilts are shown (5:39-5:42). A small boy in a dugout canoe is viewed (5:43-5:44). Brightly colored sails on their Paraw are shown (5:45-6:01) Muslim women on their stilt house docks weave colorful, straw mats (6:03-6:22). Bronze gongs play music for the Islamic folk dance as the women dance on fiber mats (6:237:03). Tinikling dancers are shown using bamboo poles (7:04-7:45). A group of young men play a sipa, or kicking, game (7:46-8:35). A young man rides a carabao, or water buffalo while he is chewing on a sugar cane stalk (8:36-8:57). Rice is harvested by using a scythe (8:58-9:12), threshing it by beating it on a rock (9:13-9:20), and then winnowing and straining the rice to rid it of the chaff (9:21-9:9:38). Scenes of rice terraces are shown on the hillsides (9:39-9:54). Pagsanjan Falls or Magdapio Falls (9:55-10:02) is located on the Bumbungan River which has rocks and rapids to navigate. You are invited to fish or shoot the rapids on this river (10:03-10:56). Philippines now has modern hotels with pools to splash around in, and western style restaurants. You could order Filipino Chicken Adobo (10:57-11:56). Beautiful views of the shore (11:57-12:12).

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