23190 HD German Navy 1939 – 1941

This World War II German newsreel was retrieved from a U.S. Navy archive, and is now part of the Periscope Film collection. Made for propaganda purposes during the war by the German newsreel company Degeto Weltspiegel and sold to the home market in Germany, these newsreels provide a fascinating look at the German military, including the Kriegsmarine. These German newsreels were seized by the U.S. government following the war, and ended up in the collection of the U.S. government.

This particular newsreel is called German Navy Patrols the Sea, it shows German warships patrolling the North Sea and the English Channel during the run up to the war. The film also shows Adolf Hitler meeting with naval staff. Also, it shows U-boats on patrol. The last part of the film is called Hussars of the Seas, which features E-boats, also known as Schnellboot, or S-Boot, meaning “fast boat” and was the Western Allies designation for fast attack craft of the Kriegsmarine during World War II.

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