In the 1950s, plastics truly represented the future. “Look into Polyethylene” is an advertising film made by Bemis Bags for the produce industry, promoting the use of plastic bags for retail. The film made by Marshall C Barnes. It opens with a woman donning a white pair of gloves to go shopping at The Red Owl Supermarket (a Minnesota chain). Produce is shown wrapped in Bemis plastic bags 1:06. Studies show that produce that is poly-packed sells faster and at higher profit. Chart shows that only 11 out of a possible 50 billion pounds are poly-packed 1:13. Conveyor belt seals bags of potatoes 1:20. The Bemis production plant – women take bags off a conveyor belt 2:10. The clarity of the polyethylene bag is illustrated; they are transparent 2:34. Film thickness measured 3:00. The bags are heat sealable for use at home; an iron is used for sealing 3:15. Polyethylene is dimensionally stable – it won’t shrink 3:43. Bemis moisture proof film 3:55. The bags have resistance to tearing 4:12. Poly is inert and stable – it is odorless and tasteless, 4:30. It will not dry out or discolor 4:49. Production plant animation 5:00. Different bags are displayed 5:30. Center seal, bottom seal, flip close and other variations. The self-closing flip bag 5:56, a patented Bemis feature. The flip bag is put to the test over a package of fruit. The bag is opened and then resealed 6:26. The fine weld seam, 6:37. Lip construction allows for easy open bags, 7:00. Gusset bags are also available 7:15. Square bottom bags 7:20. Tie – top bags 7:35. The 10-pound potato bag is available with or without the tie tape, 7:35. Vented bags delay fermentation of food 7:40. You can print beautiful colors on poly-bags, 8:28. Flashes of color adorn different sizes. Potatoes bagged in Bemis bags 9:25. Bemis now offers you Quantacolor 9:32. Brands that use Quantacolor are shown 9:45. “The package, not the clerk makes the sale” 10:20. Different bag branding is displayed 11:05. An artist’s table is shown with different bag designs and logo designs 11:35. Bemis can help you design the perfect bag 12:02. Four-color brand printing 12:29. Market research is done across the nation by Bemis so they can recommend the perfect bag 13:00. Full bottom visibility bags 13:20. All-over printing technique 13:32. Small lots can be run 13:52. A woman grabs a bag of carrots 14:20. “Bemis bags highlight your product through the clear polyethylene plastic”14:45. Eliminate culls and trimmings 14:51. Polyethylene bag closing is easy 15:06. The bags close in various ways: heat sealed, tape sewed, plastic ties, twist-em, tapes and metal locks 15:10. Potato pre-packing machine handled by a woman 15:31. Fast, economical bag closings 15:54. Can be used for any type of produce 16:20. Clamco loading funnels with bag gripper, exact weight scale, semi rigid plastic quick lock, film pack wire closer, quick tape closures, Clamco hand sealer with thermostat, J. H. Platt fast taper does 120 bags per minute. Doughboy hand band sealer, Mercury poly-sealer, Weigh Rite automatic scale, Trescott potato bagger, KG Brown Pro Pac, Northwest equipment, Lockwood Graters, Single-Line sealers bag at 120 per minute, Tri-Pac for assembly line bagging, KG Brown’s machines for multiple operations. Pictures of these machines and more can be seen from 15:30-18:16. Bemis master containers, 18:25. The bags are vented and can be top iced. Mass production techniques used for bagging 18:48. Carrot containers are high-speed, sewed closed 19:05. Potato bags wired closed 19:10. Pillow type bags reduce bruising 19:30. Reasons for pre-packaging: labor, space, condition, sales 20:15. The bags reduce errors, help with stocking, ease rotation and make checkout a cinch, 20:40. Trimmed produce and bags requires less shelf space 21:23. Poly-increases sales through mass displays, 22:00. Items can be self-serviced and volume increases with poly-22:20. The bag reflects your brand and becomes your salesperson, 22:40. Sales numbers increase 23:00. Transparency inspires confidence, 23:10. Brand consistently remains before the customer, as bag is reused at home 23:45. Released by packaging service, film library, Bemis Brothers Bag Co., Minneapolis.

Bemis Company, Inc. was a global manufacturer of flexible packaging products, headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin in the United States. It is now part of Amcor. Bemis was originally founded by Judson Moss Bemis in 1858 in St. Louis, Missouri, making printed cotton bags for food products.

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