Stock Footage

High quality viewers are just a search away.

To Download Films:  You will simply need to register to download.  Click the register button and fill out all the info including your e-mail address.  Before you can download, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. To complete the registration, click on the included link in our e-mail. Then you are free to download.  Please note: it’s worth your time to register. The quality of the downloads from our site are MUCH BETTER than ripping them off our YouTube channel.

Can these be brought into Avid or Final Cut or Premiere?  Yes, these good quality half size HD video (960×540) in H264 at true 23.98 fps.  (meaning they look good in an HD timeline.)  For best editing performance, your editing team will probably convert them into whatever works best for their system.

Do you have a “cart”:   No we don’t.  However we have a better solution.  Every movie page has a “Share Video” button.   When you are registered and logged-in, that button gives you a special feature – a direct link to download that film.  So after logging in and clicking “Share Video” you can copy and paste the download link into any program you like; email, spreadsheet, or word document.  The best part is, you can then send that document to the editor or producer and they can download those files directly without having to log back in.

I don’t want to register,  I just want to watch a film or show someone else:   No problem.  No need to register.  To watch, just use the search box, click on a result, and hit play.   To share a movie, every movie page has a “Share Video” button.  By clicking the button “Share Video”, a window will pop up.  From there,  you can post directly to Facebook or Twitter or if you want to just e-mail the page, enter in the email address for the sender and receiver and Periscope Film will do it for you. (Don’t forget to press “Send to a Friend”)

HELP!  Can’t find what I want.   Didn’t find what you need.  Contact Us – and we will have our experts will do the research for free.